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认识梵高美术数字收藏品 Meet the Van Gogh Fine art NFT Collection

Vincent van Gogh is one of the world’s most celebrated master artists to exist in our age. With the transforming scope of traditional industries, the Van Gogh Sites Foundation has exclusively partnered with, a global web 3 platform from China to bring Van Gogh’s life, art, and stories to be appreciated for future generations.

文森特梵高是这个时代最著名的艺术家之一。随着传统产业的转型,梵高文化遗址基金会与中国的web 3.0平台Appreciator.io独家合作,为未来的网络原住民带来梵高的生活、艺术和故事。

On October 10th, in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, unveiled the Vincent van Gogh 39 NFT collection to the world together with Frank van den Eijnden, Director of the Van Gogh Sites Foundation, Tomas Snels, the creative lead & creator for the NFT and collectibles, Emily Cheung, the founder & CEO of, and her international team. The collaboration aims to harness blockchain technology to support the preservation of treasured cultural heritage and also to nurture the development of artists from all over the world. 

10月10日,在香港文华东方酒店,Appreciator.io向世界揭开了文森特梵高 39 NFT 系列的面纱。梵高文化遗址基金会总监 Frank van den Eijnden、创意总监/创作者 Tomas Snels, 的创始人兼首席执行官 Emily Cheung 和她的国际团队一起在现场见证。这项合作旨在利用区块链技术来支持保护珍贵的文化遗产,并扶持来自世界各地的艺术家的发展。

The Significance of Van Gogh NFTs
梵高 NFT 的意义

While most of Van Gogh’s works have been analyzed by art enthusiasts from all over the world, many aspects of his early years in his homeland that helped define him as a master artist are often forgotten or unknown. This collection reimagines the narratives from Vincent’s work and life from the perspective of 39 distinct monuments spread throughout his birthplace in Brabant, the Netherlands. Bring together over 15 local collaborators from the region and over 1000 hours committed to the creation of the first 6 NFTs and collectibles, the team will continue to carry on Van Gogh’s heritage to the world.

梵高的大部分作品都曾被世界各地的艺术爱好者分析过,但他早年间在故乡的经历却常常被人遗忘,不为人知。正是这些早期的经历定义了他的艺术风格。此次揭幕的这个系列从分布在荷兰布拉班特(梵高的出生地)的 39 座不同纪念碑的角度重新构想了文森特的工作和生活叙事。该团队汇集了来自该地区超过15名的当地合作者,并投入了 1000 多个小时致力于创造前 6 个 NFT 和收藏品,在将来这个团队也将继续向世界传承梵高的遗产。

NFTs are a new innovation in the way people can experience Vincent’s life in the contemporary era. The NFT collection aims to immerse more audiences and engage them with a multi-faceted experience to appreciate the key memories and places that were seen and felt through Vincent’s soul in his homeland. When thinking of NFTs, most people may imagine a static copy of an image, however, it has been demonstrated through the launch that it is much more complex and innovative than thought. The NFT is created using multiple mediums such as 3D scanning & printing, 3D rendering, music production, woodworking, 3D printing, silver molds, and more that are inspired by the nature, monuments, and environment of Vincent’s hometown. 

NFT 是人们在当代参与梵高生活方式的一项创新。此次 NFT系列旨在让更多观众沉浸其中,让他们参与多方面的体验,欣赏梵高在家乡看到和感受到的关键记忆和地点。在谈到 NFT 时,大多数人的印象可能是静态的图像,然而,现在已经被证明NFT比想象的要复杂和创新得多。NFT 是使用多种媒介创建的,例如 3D 扫描和打印、3D 渲染、音乐制作、木艺、3D 打印、银模等,其中的灵感来自于梵高家乡的自然、古迹和环境。

In fact, NFTs are not the only things that come with this collection. For this first drop, each NFT in the collection is created from the leaf plucked from the tree on the site of 6 of the 39 monuments in Vincent’s hometown. It brings 6 distinct sets divided into 2 different tiers: the Millennium pack, a premium edition for issues 1/39 to 3/39, and the Century pack, a more affordable edition for issues 4/39 ~ 6/39. Each tier will include different contents based on different price points. Each leaf is scanned digitally and also recreated into a silver leaf which is housed in a triptych box made from the local Poplar tree that populates many of Van Gogh’s artworks. This creation process is not only significant for its connection to the themes and ideas of Van Gogh’s works but is also symbolic as a way of preserving the heritage of Vincent van Gogh in both digital and physical forms.

事实上,NFT 并不是这个系列附带的唯一东西。该系列中的每个 NFT 都在梵高的家乡采集了叶子。在梵高的家乡总共有39座纪念碑,作品中这些叶子来自于其中6座纪念碑附近的地点。这次的6件作品分为 2 个不同的等级,1/39-3/39是更为尊贵的千禧级,4/39-6/39是相对价格更为亲民的世纪级。每一个级别根据价格的差异将包含不同的内容。每片叶子都经过数字扫描,并重新制作成一片银叶,装在由当地白杨树制成的三联画盒中。这种树曾经出现在梵高的许多艺术作品中。这一创作过程不仅因其与梵高作品的主题和思想的联系而具有重要意义,同时作为一种以数字和物理形式保存文森特·梵高遗产的方式,也非常具有象征性。

“These NFTs shed light on the life of Van Gogh. By understanding the locales of his birthplace and childhood and the natural environment where he found much inspiration, peace, and solace, the public can fully appreciate the artist’s vision and work,”

“这些 NFT 揭示了梵高的生平。通过了解他的故乡和童年,以及他从中获得灵感、平静和慰藉的那些自然环境,公众可以充分欣赏艺术家的洞察和作品。”

– Frank van den Eijnden, Director of the Van Gogh Sites Foundation
– 弗兰克·范登·艾因登,梵高遗址基金会主任

Nurturing Art and Preserving Heritage

The proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will partially go to the foundation to fund the preservation of the monuments and Van Gogh’s heritage. Furthermore, local artists and collaborators who are taking part in the creation of the project will also receive a part of the proceeds with each sale. will also offer corporate clients who purchase three Millennium tier NFTs to be able to take part in the ESG initiative of planting trees in Van Gogh’s homeland in the future. These are all key values that the founder & CEO, Emily Cheung, emphasizes. She believes that innovative technologies can also be used as a way to create meaningful collectibles and facilitate broader participation in real-life preservation projects. On this,’s head curator, Adam G.Y. Chen, also added that NFTs can help them connect the art industry with young, more digitally savvy collectors and drive sustainability by existing where future generations interact.

出售 NFT 的部分收益将捐赠给基金会,以资助保护古迹和梵高遗产。此外,参与该项目创作的当地艺术家和合作者也将获得每次销售的部分收益。 还将为购买了三个千年级 NFT 的企业客户提供未来能够参与在梵高故乡植树的 ESG 倡议。这些都是 创始人兼首席执行官 Emily Cheung 所强调的关键价值观。她认为,创新技术也可以用来创造有意义的收藏品,并促进更广泛地参与现实生活中的保护项目。对此, 的首席策展人 Adam G.Y. Chen 还补充说,NFT 可以让艺术行业与年轻、更精通数字的收藏家联系起来,并通过后代的互动将其可持续发展下去。

“You must embrace technology if you want to interact with younger generations.”


– Adam Chen, Head Curator of 首席策展人

Since its launch, has been featured in over 100 media, press, and tv outlets locally and globally. This is a significant moment for a company based in Asia facing the art world. The collective team working on the Van Gogh NFTs will continue to release the remaining 33 monument-inspired NFTs over the year and is set to announce a further collaboration with different top-tier cultural institutions, brands, and artists to continue in the mission of preserving heritage using technology.

自推出以来, 已在本地和全球 100 多家媒体、新闻和电视媒体上亮相。对于一家面向艺术界的亚洲公司来说,这是一个重要的时刻。致力于梵高 NFT 的团队将在一年内继续发布剩余33 个受纪念碑启发的 NFT,并将宣布与不同的顶级文化机构、品牌和艺术家进一步合作,以继续延续利用技术保护文化遗产的使命 .

The Vincent van Gogh 39 NFT collection is now available for sale with its first phase which ends in October. To find out more information about the project or the collection, please visit

文森特梵高 39 NFT 系列现已发售,第一阶段将于 10 月结束。要了解有关该项目或收藏的更多信息,请访问。

关于 is an experiential platform that collaborates with art institutions, IPs, artists, influencers, and brands for heritage preservation. conceptualizes and creates NFTs, digital art, immersive experiences, and limited edition collectibles, which are then curated through the lens of the new wave of collectors in contemporary culture. It connects and inspires the new generation of collectors, especially those from China, to explore, learn, trade, and appreciate culture within its own web 3.0 eco-system. 是一个与艺术机构、IP、艺术家、意见领袖和品牌合作保护文化遗产的体验平台。 构思并创造 NFT、数字艺术、沉浸式体验和限量版收藏品,从当代文化收藏家的眼光和角度来进行策划。它连接并激励新一代收藏家,尤其是来自中国的收藏家,在其自己的 web 3.0 生态系统中探索、学习、交易和欣赏文化。

About the Van Gogh Sites Foundation

The Van Gogh Heritage Foundation has set itself the aim of maintaining and developing Van Gogh’s heritage. The Foundation aims to increase the social and economic significance of the heritage through exhibitions and educational programs in and around the Van Gogh Monuments. In this way, the artist’s life story and its relevance for the present and future generations will remain a central theme.


Translation 翻译 Rona Xia


本篇文章来源于微信公众号: SHMADNESS

元宇宙中的艺术:命运的飞跃 Art in the Metaverse: A Leap of Fate

Ready Player One (VR). Artist艺术家: SUTU

With the advent of technology, art has transcended to new forms. Artists are now looking towards digital art, NFTs, VR/AR, and the metaverse, creating more immersive worlds to be experienced. But beyond hype and enthusiasm surrounding these new technologies, what is a metaverse and why should artists even care about it?

随着技术的出现,艺术已经发展出新的形式。艺术家们现在正在关注数字艺术、NFT、VR/AR 和虚拟世界,以创造更加身临其境的世界以供体验。但除了围绕这些新技术的炒作和热情之外,究竟什么是元宇宙,艺术家为什么如此关注它?

Put simply, the metaverse is a virtual space in which people can interact, trade, and create digital assets such as 3D designs, digital fashion, as well as NFTs. Unlike what many people assume, it is not created by Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta. Instead, many companies have already existed in this space such as Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox, and more. Museums such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Serpentine Galleries have already established their own virtual spaces when the pandemic drove them to go online. 

简而言之,元宇宙是一个虚拟空间,人们可以在其中进行交互、交易和创建数字资产,例如 3D 设计、数字时尚以及 NFT。与许多人认为的不同,它不是由马克扎克伯格的Meta公司创建的。相反的是,许多公司都已经存在于这个领域,例如 Decentraland、Cryptovoxels、The Sandbox 等等。当新冠疫情迫使很多业务转移到线上时,旧金山现代艺术博物馆和蛇形画廊(Serpentine Galleries)等博物馆已经建立了自己的虚拟空间。

Serpentine Galleries x KAWs x Fortnite

Through the metaverse, artists are able to create multi-sensory visceral artworks that blend visual, auditory, temporal, and spatial realms. Artworks not only move but exist in a dimension that lives on wherever or whenever the viewer may be. While this technology is in its early stages and the implications for using it are not entirely clear, many stakeholders of the art industry see the opportunity behind it. In fact, the Serpentine Galleries which have teamed up with KAWS and the massively popular battle-royale-styled online game, Fornite’s metaverse platform,  Fortnite Creative shows the growing interest of the art industry in the metaverse.

通过元宇宙,艺术家能够创作出融合视觉、听觉、时间和空间领域的多感官沉浸式艺术品。艺术品不仅可以移动,而且不局限于维度,时间,及地点。虽然这项技术还处于早期阶段,它的影响与运用尚未清楚,但艺术行业的许多利益相关者看到了它背后的机会。事实上,与KAWS合作的蛇形画廊(Serpentine Galleries),和Fornite的元宇宙平台—Fortnite Creative, Fornite(一款广受欢迎的大逃杀风格在线游戏)的元宇宙平台—Fortnite Creative都展示出艺术行业对元宇宙日益浓厚

“Even if 1 percent of Fortnite players over the course of that (Serpentine x KAWS) exhibition show up to the virtual gallery, it’ll probably be multiple of how many people could physically get into the Serpentine Galleries in London,”

“即使在(Serpentine x KAWS)展览期间有 1% 的 Fortnite 玩家出现在虚拟画廊中,也可能会是实际去参观伦敦蛇形画廊的人数的倍数。”

– Steven Brady, Barnes Foundation’s Chief Technology Officer, 

In an interview with Jing Cultural & Commerce

– 巴恩斯基金会首席技术官

史蒂文·布雷迪在接受Jing Cultural & Commerce的采访时说

Artists are creating their own metaverse platforms


Still image from the video game Forgetter (2021). Artworks as viewed in the game by Zhang Huan. Courtesy Alan Kwan, Yang Jing, and DSLCOLLECTION.

来自视频游戏 Forgetter (2021) 的静止图像。Zhang Huan在游戏中看到的艺术品。由 Alan Kwan、Yang Jing 和 DSLCOLLECTION 提供。

With large tech companies taking the leap into the metaverse, the question of who controls the metaverse is an important discussion for artists in the long term. With this in mind, some artists have chosen to create their own pocket universe that is independent of the control of big tech. This includes implications of the carbon output they create as well as how payments and creative freedom are managed. 


From the Forgetter (2021)

来自于Forgetter (2021)

Interactive designer, augmented reality producer, and comic book artist, Sutu created his own metaverse, the Sutuverse to push the boundaries of the technology and take his art into the future. He began by creating the NEONz NFT collection which is a limited collection of 10,000 futuristic moving avatars with cyberpunk gear. The NEONz world is then brought into AR where collectors can display these interactive dynamic works in reality. It is the stepping stone to his expanded metaverse, which will further use VR and gaming to expand the rich narratives that the artist will create. In the Sutuverse, users will be able to become their avatars to explore and immerse themselves in an alternate dimension of interactive gaming art.

交互设计师、增强现实的制作人和漫画艺术家 Sutu 创建了自己的元宇宙 Sutuverse,以突破技术的界限将他的艺术带入未来。他首先创建了 NEONz NFT 系列,该系列包含 10,000 个带有赛博朋克装备的未来派移动化身。随后他将 NEONz 世界带入 AR 中,收藏家可以将这些交互式的动态作品展示到现实中。这是他扩展虚拟世界的奠基石,它将进一步使用虚拟现实和游戏来扩展艺术家创造的丰富叙事。在 Sutuverse 中,用户将能够成为他们的化身来探索和沉浸在交互式游戏艺术的另一个维度中。

Work by artist SUTU


Beyond these aspirations, the artist hopes to make these technologies more accessible to the public and support the new generation of artists facing web 3.0 to not only engage with this medium but also to do it with a conscious approach. 

除了这些愿景之外,这位艺术家还希望让公众更容易获得这些技术,并支持面向 web 3.0 的新一代艺术家不仅要参与这种媒体,而且要以有意识的方式去做。

“Even though they’re talking about this migration to more sustainable technology, they’ve been talking about it for years, and I don’t feel like we should wait,”


– 艺术家 SUTU

For more information on the artist, please check out this article


Worldwide Web3 is another artist-created 2D-art game metaverse in which people can play games to earn NFTs to trade, create, fight, and take advantage of all the possibilities of this technology. Like Sutuverse, there are stories and functions that immerse the players as well as a link to NFTs as a way of creating new narratives. Created by the artist, Thomas Webb this metaverse is  “A free to play interoperable MMORPG metaverse on Ethereum”. 

Worldwide Web3 是由另一位艺术家创作的 2D-art 游戏元宇宙,人们可以在其中玩游戏来赚取 NFT 用来交易、创造、战斗,并利用这项技术所有的可能性。像 Sutuverse 一样,有让玩家沉浸其中的故事和功能,用与NFT作为连接,作为创造新叙事的一种方式。由艺术家 Thomas Webb 创建的这个元宇宙是 “在以太坊上免费玩,且可互动操作的 MMORPG 元宇宙”。

For many years, the internet has changed the way we perceive our own identities. Our digital persona sometimes masks our true persona. Understanding the state of how we evolve alongside the metaverse is one of the things contemporary artist, Thomas Webb, desires to explore through this project. With an emphasis on experiences that are free from restrictions, the artist hopes that people can see how they interact online while also highlighting the arising failures the metaverse has. Although the project focuses on a broad range of themes including socializing, the dependence on technology, hierarchy, addiction, and more, the artist describes the theme as such:


“The work is about systems. It’s really outrageous. Addressing themes about what is life like, how do we interact, introducing characters with complex backstories. What is happening in the moment for the generation that’s about to go into work as digital natives? How do their social dynamics work? As an artist, there’s an ability to shape the future.  I want to explore not how it’s going to look, cos it’s pixel art, but rather how it’s going to operate. The game shows how our social dynamics, the economy and other systems work. That’s not a traditional artistic approach, and I’m building systems and worlds as an artist/developer.”


– Thomas Webb

In the meta of it all


Cryptovoxels Metaverse 元宇宙

While some artists have jumped onto the possibilities of the metaverse, many remain skeptical or displaced from the technology. With deep concerns for the over-commercialization of the art market, lack of technical knowledge, security issues, negative associations of cryptocurrencies, and NFTs playing a big factor, so artists are wary of the possible risks. Furthermore, the application of art inside digital environments does not mimic the stimulatory senses of people as it does in the real world. Digital perception of smell if it exists, space, and environments are not the same.

虽然许多艺术家已经投入于元宇宙的可能性之中,但许多人仍然持怀疑态度或对这项技术置若罔闻。由于对艺术市场过度商业化有着深切担忧,技术知识的缺乏、安全问题,这些都是与加密货币和 NFT 出现负面关联的因素,让艺术家们对可能存在的风险保持警惕。此外,艺术在数字环境中的应用并不同于在现实世界中人们面对艺术品时感受到的那种冲击。对数字作品的感觉在存在性,空间,环境等诸多方面都与现实中的不一样。

Despite this, it is important to note the significance of the technology and to ensure it is developed in the right way through experimentation and participation. The wider reach that the internet brings to the art world as well as the new mediums that artists can work with has always been the pivotal moment for the future of art and the way we interact.  At the end of the day, it is not the technology that is the problem but rather best put unironically by the leader of a big tech company:

尽管如此,重要的是要注意该技术的意义,并确保通过实验和参与以正确的方式来开发它。互联网给艺术界带来了更广泛的影响,艺术家可以使用新的媒介,这是艺术的未来和我们互动方式发生改变的关键时刻。归根结底,问题不是技术,反之一家大型科技公司的领导者用了一个最好的反讽:虽然许多艺术家已经投入于元宇宙的可能性之中,但许多人仍然持怀疑态度或对这项技术置若罔闻。由于对艺术市场过度商业化有着深切担忧,技术知识的缺乏、安全问题,这些都是与加密货币和 NFT 出现负面关联的因素,让艺术家们对可能存在的风险保持警惕。此外,艺术在数字环境中的应用并不同于在现实世界中人们面对艺术品时感受到的那种冲击。对数字作品的感觉在存在性,空间,环境等诸多方面都与现实中的不一样。

“ It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” 


– Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple


*all images and artworks belong to the artist & his representing galleries respectively


Translation 翻译 Rona Xia


本篇文章来源于微信公众号: SHMADNESS

2022年后, NFT还将在中国生存下去吗?Will NFTs survive in China past 2022?

What are NFTs and what is the hype surrounding it?

什么是 NFT,围绕它炒作又是什么?

NFTs, better known as non-fungible tokens allow for the ownership certification of digital assets using blockchain technology. For artists, it is a new revolution in creating a framework for protecting and selling their digital works throughout the blockchain ecosystem. 


Recently NFTs have taken the world by storm with works of collectible digital art that are selling on auctions for millions with celebrities, influencers, and even large corporations dipping their feet into the market. With such big-name endorsements such as Gary Vee, Shawn Mendes, John Cena, and Paris Hilton happening, the price of NFTs has been, for the most part, fluctuating upwards providing a random yet favorable opportunity as a form of “investment”. 

最近,NFT 凭借可收藏的数字艺术作品风靡全球,各界名人志士甚至大公司都开始涉猎NFT市场,这些作品在拍卖会上被售出数百万美元。随着加里·维(Gary Vee)、肖恩·门德斯(Shawn Mendes)、约翰·塞纳(John Cena)和帕丽斯·希尔顿(Paris Hilton)等明星代言的出现,NFT 的价格在很大程度上一直在向上攀升,提供了一个随机但有利的“投资”机会。

At the same time, due to the volatile nature of certain blockchain cryptocurrencies tied to NFTs, winners win big and losers fall into a speculative cycle that only yields a zero-sum game.

但与此同时,与NFT 相关的区块链加密货币生来具有波动性,赢家赢了大钱,败者则陷入“投机”的周期,一无所获。

Cryptopunks NFT

While the world is speculating on the feasibility of NFTs as a form of investment, the Chinese government has firmly restricted the use of cryptocurrencies and banned monetary gains made from trading NFTs. The underlying factor behind this decision is not only the volatility of the crypto market itself but also the impact it may have on the local Chinese markets. Yet, NFTs remains widely popular in China and are being termed as Digital Collectibles rather than NFTs. With these underlying conditions in mind, it begs the question of the future of NFTs in China. 

当世界还在猜测NFT 作为一种投资形式的是否可行时,中国政府已经坚决限制加密货币的使用,并禁止通过交易 NFT 获得收益。这一决定背后的潜在因素不仅是加密市场本身的波动性,还包括它可能对中国当地市场产生的影响。然而,NFT 在中国仍然广受欢迎,它被称为数字收藏品而不是 NFT。考虑到这些潜在的现象,引发了关于讨论中国 NFT 未来的问题。

Chinese companies taking a chance


Bilibili’s NFT pigeon collection


When searching about NFTs one often comes across the major gains artists and people have been making seen through the eye of the media machine which largely focuses on the big winners such as Beeple, CryptoPunk, and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Chinese tech giant Alibaba among other major Chinese companies such as Tencent,, and Bilibili has also taken an interest in these digital collectibles. During the 2021 Double 11 (Single’s Day) shopping festival, Alibaba showcased over 16,000 NFTs that were snatched up in a few minutes. 

在搜索 NFT 的消息时,人们经常会看到艺术家和人们从中获得巨大收益,这是媒体机构展示给我们看到的,这些媒体主要关注大赢家,如 Beeple、CryptoPunk 和 Bored Ape Yacht Club。中国科技巨头阿里巴巴以及腾讯、京东和哔哩哔哩等其他主要中国公司也对这些数字收藏品感兴趣。2021年双11购物节期间,阿里巴巴展示了16000多个NFT,几分钟内就被抢购一空。

The way this was possible was the differentiation in naming and the exclusion of cryptocurrencies as a way to avoid regulatory scrutiny. Companies emphasized that these were digital collectibles and these works are bought using the Chinese yuan. At the same time, these works of art cannot be resold on a secondary market like NFTs at the moment due to concerns for speculative pricing. In fact, Chinese companies have asked their users to report such activity.

这些成交的背后可能是因为NFT以其命名的差异化和加密货币的独特性质,可以避开监管审查。企业强调这些是数字收藏品,而这些作品是用人民币购买的。同时,由于对投机定价的担忧,这些艺术品目前无法在 NFT 等二级市场上转售。事实上,中国的公司已要求其用户报告此类活动。

Despite the government’s watchful eye, there may be hope for NFTs in China

尽管政府密切关注其动向,但 NFT 在中国仍存有希望

Chinese state-owned media Xinhua news has also released digital collectibles in the past year indicating a more open stance on NFTs than expected from the Chinese government. Furthermore, China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), a state-backed blockchain hosting network project established by the State Information Center, will be officially launching NFTs in China. BSN will provide the blockchain infrastructure for Chinese companies to develop and manage native NFTs using the BSN Distributed Digital Certificate (BSN-DDC).

中国国家媒体新华社在过去一年也发布了数字收藏品,表明中国政府对 NFT 的态度比预期的更为开放。此外,由国家信息中心建立的国家支持的区块链托管网络项目,中国基于区块链的服务网络(BSN)将在中国正式启动NFT。BSN 将为中国公司提供区块链基础设施,以使用 BSN 分布式数字证书 (BSN-DDC) 开发和管理原生 NFT。

While NFTs are generally traded with cryptocurrency and under a public blockchain, China’s NFTs will be much different. As mentioned, China has banned the use of cryptocurrencies and will require users of the technology to verify their identity as required by the law. The NFTs will be hosted on a regulated centralized blockchain allowing for regulators to track any illegal activities such as reselling or money laundering. The move will also drive Chinese users to adopt the central bank digital currency, the digital yuan, which will be the only accepted form of payment for these certificates in the future. 

虽然 NFT 通常是在公共区块链下用加密货币进行交易,但中国的 NFT 将大不相同。如前所述,中国已禁止使用加密货币,并要求使用该技术的用户按照法律要求验证其身份。NFT 将被托管在受监管的集中式区块链上,允许监管机构追踪任何非法活动,例如转售或洗钱。此举还将推动中国用户采用央行数字货币,数字人民币,这将是未来这些证书唯一可接受的支付方式。

Building a native NFT industry

打造原生 NFT 产业

China’s stance on NFTs indicates the investment in new technologies that redefine lifestyles and consumption. BSN’s blockchain network will not only be used as a way to certify Chinese minted NFTs but will also have applications in social, legal, and other settings where transactions and data become more transparent and trustworthy. While cryptocurrencies which also had enormous popularity in China was taken out of the picture, it is without a doubt that China’s plans for NFTs remain positive and forward-looking.

中国对 NFT 的立场表明了其将会在重新定义生活方式和消费的新技术方面进行投资。BSN 的区块链网络不仅将被用作认证中国铸造的 NFT 的一种方式,还将运用在社交、法律以及其他场景,力求将数据变得更加透明和值得信赖。虽然在中国非常受欢迎的加密货币被排除在外,但毫无疑问,中国的 NFT 计划仍然是积极和具有前瞻性的。

Despite the cautious approach to NFTs and news of a native NFT infrastructure, the future of NFTs in China will rely greatly on the buyers and companies who cannot cash in on these certified digital artworks due to legal restrictions. Whether or not China plans to open up this area to grow the industry, only time will tell.

尽管对 NFT 持谨慎态度,并且传出关于建设原生 NFT的消息,但 NFT 在中国的未来将在很大程度上依赖于由法律限制而无法从这些经过认证的数字艺术品上进行兑现的买家和公司。中国是否计划开放这一领域以发展该行业,时间会给出答案。

Translation 翻译 Rona Xia


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黑桃组合Hackatao丨人们无法再回到NFT以前的时代 We can't return to the pre-NFT era

Nadia Squarci & Sergio Scalet (Hackatao)

Hackatao is an Italian art group founded in 2007. Before the group was formed, Sergio Scalet was a creative copywriter at an advertising agency, and Nadia Squarci was an art director. The two artists met in Milan, Italy, in 2006 and soon decided to form Hackatao.

Hackatao是一个来自意大利的艺术组合,成立于2007年。在组合成立之前,Sergio Scalet是一名广告公司的创意文案,Nadia Squarci是一位艺术总监。两位艺术家在2006年于意大利米兰相遇,志趣相投的两个人之后很快就决定成立Hackatao组合。


Heroines – Weight Of The World 女英雄-世界的重量

While Hackatao is not well known on social platforms, Hackatao has just 8,000 followers on Instagram, compared to Beeple’s 2.25 million followers (his work previously sold for nearly $70 million at the NFT Art Market). But that doesn’t stop Hackatao’s work from selling well on the NFT art market. They are one of the top three crypto artists.



The name represents the spirit of the artist, and the “Hackatao” comes from the superposition of two words. The word “Hack” represents the pleasure of digging deep into something and enjoying the process. “Tao” is derived from the core spirit of Taoism, China’s indigenous religion, symbolizing the harmony of Yin and Yang, and their works are constantly changing to a better state.


HACK of a BEAR – The Architect


Hackatao’s works focus on society, humanity, the environment, and the NFT art market in which they work on. Superficially, their work was heavily influenced by Andy Warhol’s pop art form, attempting to express themselves in surrealism and stream of consciousness. In terms of content, Hackatao combines many sources of thought, including religion, politics, nature, art history, contemporary art, psychology, alchemy, childhood memory, and other complex thinking systems



Hackatao themselves admits that their work is in a “borderline state of order and chaos”. In Hackatao’s view, their art comes from their existence and it is a distillation of their individuality.





Hackatao’s entry into the NFT art market came from a very unexpected coincidence. In 2018, Sergio read an article about blockchain in Science magazine and immediately realized its value to the art market. Uniqueness is an important foundation of art, and blockchain technology can prove the uniqueness of digital works.


“Although it did not talk about NFT and Art, we immediately thought that this technology was perfect for the certification and creation of something new for art. So, armed with all our curiosity, we set out to research, with the same approach with which we approach the creation of an artwork. We met Jason Bailey, curator, and popularizer, we believe the first one who has been able to define Crypto Art. He introduced us to the guys at SuperRare and so it all started with them and a few other artists.”

“虽然它没有谈论 NFT 和艺术,但我们立即认为这项技术非常适合艺术新事物的认证和创造。因此,带着我们所有的好奇心,我们开始研究,采用与创作艺术品相同的方法。我们遇到了策展人和普及者 Jason Bailey,我们相信第一个能够定义加密艺术的人。他向我们介绍了SuperRare 的人,所以这一切都是从他们和其他一些艺术家开始的。”


So in 2018, Hackatao entered SuperRare, a digital art marketplace based on Ethereum (a type of cryptocurrency), despite the fact that the NFT market was still heavily underrated by the traditional art market.


In the eyes of Hackatao, the biggest feature of NFT and Crypto Art is decentralization. Any artist can enter the international art market without being blocked by borders. This new paradigm provides unprecedented opportunities for many artists, especially those who are not yet famous.

在Hackatao的眼中,NFT 和加密艺术最大的特点是去中心化,任何艺术家都可以进入国际艺术市场而不受边境的阻拦,这种新的范式为众多艺术家尤其是尚未成名的艺术家提供了前所未有的机遇。


But at the same time, Hackatao also believes that the construction of NFT as an emerging market has just started, there is still a lot of work to be done, we need to build a new cultural model that is different from the traditional world.





When asked about the future of blockchain technology, Hackatao responded this way: ” We don’t know if the world will be blockchain, but certainly, those who live and work in this new dimension have a hard time going back to the old logic. Once you understand the creative application power of blockchain and the founding values of cryptocurrencies, everything else seems complicated and obsolete. “


For more info on the artist, please click here



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Trevor Jones丨传统市场无法养活艺术家Traditional market can't support artists

EthGirl, 140 x 110 cm, oil on canvas


The NFT has shaken up the art world in recent years, especially after Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold for $69 million at Christie’s. While most outsiders doubt whether NFT art is the new future of art history, or just a fad for hype, another NFT artist, Trevor Jones, has reached a bolder conclusion:



“This digital art market is only getting warmed up and it could quite easily take over the $67 billion (physical) art market in the not too distant future.” According to Trevor Jones, the traditional art market is likely to be dying, perhaps in the next 10 to 15 years.

“这个数字艺术市场只是在升温,在不久的将来,它很容易接管价值 670 亿美元的(实体)艺术市场。”在特雷弗·琼斯看来,传统艺术市场很有可能正在消亡,也许就是未来10到15年的事情。


Bitcoin Angel, 120 x 90 cm, oil on canvas


Trevor Jones is also a successful NFT artist who has set many records in the NFT art market over the past two years. In February of this year, his Bitcoin Angel was sold for $3.2 million, the highest price ever recorded at the NFT open edition art auction.



But Trevor Jones was not so successful from the start. The young Trevor Jones suffered from depression, and it wasn’t until he was 31 that he decided to make some changes. As he had a foundation in painting since childhood, he was finally able to enter the Edinburgh College of Art to study Art after some setbacks.



After graduation, Trevor Jones had a good job as the CEO of Art in Healthcare, a charity. Trevor Jones did this for seven years, during which time he did many things, including teaching art classes, meeting other artists, and working on solo art exhibitions.



Artist Trevor Jones

艺术家 特雷弗·琼斯

It was the experience of holding solo exhibitions that made him realize that the traditional art market, in which galleries represent artists and sell artworks on behalf of artists, could hardly support artists themselves. The gallery takes a commission of half the sale price, which, after deducting the overhead costs of space, materials, and storage, leaves him with a net income of just £9,000 a year. It’s too little to make a living on and Trevor Jones wanted to change things further.



Although Trevor Jones has always worked in traditional oil painting, he has maintained an interest in technology for nearly a decade. It was a historic shift for Trevor Jones, who first got into blockchain technology around 2017 by investing in cryptocurrencies.


Cubist Satoshi by Trevor Jones 

特雷弗·琼斯创作的 Cubist Satoshi

He was fascinated by the disruptive and future potential of blockchain. By early 2018, Trevor Jones was already thinking about new crypto-inspired exhibitions based on cryptocurrencies and augmented reality. It was a decision that sounded a bit like a gamble to him, but as the price of Bitcoin and Ether began to rise sharply around 2017, Trevor Jones prospered.

区块链的颠覆性和未来发展潜力深深吸引了他。到2018年初,特雷弗·琼斯已经开始构思基于加密货币和增强现实技术的新展览。这个决定在他自己看来有点像赌徒行为,但随着2017 年前后比特币 ( BTC ) 和以太 ( ETH ) 价格开始大幅上涨,特雷弗·琼斯也大获成功。


A still image of Picasso’s Bull by Trevor Jones. 


Trevor Jones took the approach from physical painting to technical creation. Currently, Trevor Jones’s works already sell for between $40,000 and $180,000 each. In February of this year, he sold his works overnight for $3.2 million. Despite his modesty, the story of Trevor Jones’s rise from suffering depression to universal recognition in the art world is an inspiring story.



For Trevor Jones, the NFT market is only getting bigger and it has changed his life forever.



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毕普Beeple丨NFT狂热塑造超级艺术富豪 NFT craze shapes the new affluent artists

Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, is 40 years old and is an American graphic designer, animator, and digital artist. His work has served super celebrities or companies like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, SpaceX, Apple, and even appeared on the Super Bowl halftime show twice.

Beeple的真名是Mike Winkelmann,今年40岁,是一名美国的平面设计师、动画师和数字艺术家。他的作品曾经服务于贾斯汀比伯、Katy Perry、SpaceX、Apple等超级名人或公司,甚至两次在超级碗中场秀中出现。


But The real cause of his fame came in March when his digital painting work Everyday: The First 5000 Days was sold as NFT at Christie’s for a hefty $69.3 million. Christie’s claimed the sale placed Beeple “among the top three most valuable living artists”.



Beeple is just one in the new wave of wealth-making in the art world that has emerged since the NFT digital art market. In simple terms, NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which is essentially a digital signature powered by blockchain technology that proves ownership of something. Technically, it can contain any digital work, even a Twitter post. The digital art market has become very hot and even crazy recently, as the NFT has solved the problem of the lack of appreciation in the art market due to the easy reproducibility of digital works.



A collage of Beeple’s works. Part of Everydays: The First 5000 Days

Beeple 的作品拼贴。《每一天:前5000天》一部分

Of course, the reason why Beeple’s digital artwork Everydays: The First 5000 Days can fetch such a high price is not only because the NFT market exploded, but also because the work itself is good enough. As The title suggests, Beeple has been producing one digital creation a day for more than 5,000 days, starting on 1 May 2007. In 2011, he talked about why he started the project:



“I saw another artist named Tom Judd who did this a few years back. I thought that was a really great idea and I figured it would be a great way to get better at drawing myself. Since then I’ve used this as a tool to learn about photography and 3D animation as well.”

“我看到另一位艺术家Tom Judd几年前做过这个。我认为这是一个非常棒的想法,这将是一个让自己不断画地更好的方法。从那时起,我就把它作为学习摄影和3D动画的方式。”

– Beeple


The themes of Everydays: The First 5000 Days are very diverse, including graphic commentary on American politics, technology worship, cosmic totem, environmental issues, social wealth distribution, etc., and the style is mostly abstract, fantasy, and absurd. But there is no doubt that these whimsical paintings satisfy certain imaginations that are not answered in traditional painting.



Thanks to his masterpieces, Beeple was already a social media sensation with millions of followers before Christie’s auctioned them off. It can be said that the hot NFT market and his own superflow, jointly contributed to this sky-high auction, and there will be more super-rich artists to be born in the NFT digital art market.



Of course, controversies have been around NFT since the day it emerged, such as the speculative nature of NFT and its huge carbon consumption as a cryptocurrency. But Beeple donated 6 million of his NFT market revenue to the Open Earth Foundation (A nonprofit environmental organization) in 2019 and plans to buy carbon offsets for all NFT transactions. Beeple’s approach can be said to set an example for the art nouveau rich artists created by the NFT movement.


For more information on the artist, please click here 



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克丽斯塔·金Krista Kim丨首座NFT虚拟房屋被售出 The 1st NFT Virtual-house Has Sold

Virtual art is a new art market with the growth of the Internet. In the past, it was hard for us to imagine that collectors would buy a work that did not exist in reality. All this, however, has changed with the rise of NFT.


Krista Kim,Mars House,2020
NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, is based on blockchain technology and can act as a digital certificate of ownership that enables digital artwork or designs to be bought, sold, and collected. With the rapid development of NFT, undervalued digital creators can make their works rarer. Artworks can be digitally encrypted and become Crypto Art. Buying Crypto Art through Art investment also becomes a more modern investment method.

NFT的全称是Non-Fungible Token,基于区块链技术,NFT可以充当数字所有权证书,使数字艺术品或设计能够被购买、出售和收集。随着 NFT的迅速发展,被低估的数位创作者们可以让自己作品变得更为稀有,艺术作品可以被数字加密而成为加密艺术品(Crypto Art),通过艺术投资来购买Crypto Art 也变相成为一种更现代化的投资方法。
More importantly, it opens up new possibilities for artists working on social media. Not every artist’s work has the opportunity to be exhibited in galleries, and online creation has become almost a one-way favor for social media, but there is no financial reward for artists. However, the emergence of Crypto Art gives these artists the opportunity to form a sustainable closed-loop in terms of artistic creation and economic income.

更为关键的是,它为在社交媒体上进行创作的艺术家提供了新的可能。要知道,并不是每个艺术家的的作品都有机会在画廊中展出,线上创作几乎成为了一种为社交媒体免费赋能但没有经济回报的事情。然而,Crypto Art的出现可以让这些艺术家在艺术创作和经济收入上有机会形成可持续的闭环。
Krista Kim,Mars House,2020
Just recently, Krista Kim sold the world’s first NFT virtual room, Mars House (2020), for $512,000, which is a hefty price tag.
就在最近,克丽斯塔·金以51.2万美元的价格出售了世界上的第一座NFT虚拟房间Mars House (2020),这是一个不菲的价格。
Krista Kim is a contemporary artist who has lived in Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore. She earned her Masters of Arts Fine Arts from La Salle College of the Arts / Goldsmiths College UK in 2014. She completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of Toronto.

Krista Kim wrote the Techism manifesto in 2015, and she is best known for her use of manipulating digital images of LED lights to create abstract expressionist works that evoke the sublime.

No. 671 v.3, 2016,Digital Pictographic on Pleximuseum,48 x 70 inches

No. 671, 2016,Digital Pictographic on Pleximuseum,48 x 70 inches
When asked what prompt Krista Kim established the Techism movement, she said: “Once everyone had a smartphone in their hand, the game changed. Everyone became addicted to their devices on a whole new level. I began to wonder who controls and collects all of this? It felt like a real opportunity for certain companies and power structures to easily prey on people like never before in human history.”

Based on these digital light and shadow art creations, Kim designed the house in 2020. Krista Kim worked with an architect to render the house using Unreal Engine, software that is commonly used to create video games. She describes the house, which overlooks a moody mountain range and features an open-plan design and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, as a “light sculpture”.

在这些数字光影艺术创作的基础上,克丽斯塔在2020年设计了这所房子。这是一个体现她冥想设计哲学的空间。她与一位建筑师合作,使用Unreal Engine(一种常用来制作视频游戏的软件)来渲染整座房子。这座房子俯瞰着一座光影波动的山脉并采用开放式设计,从地面到天花板都是玻璃墙,克丽斯塔把它描述为“光的雕塑”。
Soon, we will all live in AR through our real environments using SuperWorld, a new app that has mapped the entire world for AR interface. Virtual real estate based on the real world can be purchased on SuperWorld, and in the very near future, this app will allow us to mint 3D NFTs and create a marketplace of digital AR assets,” 

“很快,我们所有人都将通过使用SuperWorld(一款为VR绘制整个世界地图的应用程序)的来体验真实的VR世界。基于真实世界的虚拟房地产可以在SuperWorld上购买,在不久的将来,这个应用程序将允许我们制造3D NFT作品和创建数字AR资产的市场.”

– Krista Kim 克丽斯塔·金

This would be revolutionary in many ways. The creation of digital homes and houses is in line with the growing trend of augmented reality. The buyer of Mars House will be sent a digital 3D file of it. The NFT exists as an authentication certificate that is stored on a blockchain, equivalent to a title deed for a real house, which verifies that the buyer owns it. Even in the near future, with the development of technology, the content of virtual space can actually be realized on the surface of Mars.



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数字艺术的货币化?|The Monetization of Digital Art?

You were defiant and beautiful in pastel neon by Giant Swan. Edition 1 of 1.

Digital art in recent years has been growing with new technological developments creating a new world of opportunities in audiovisual experiences. Artists have been experimenting with this form since the 1960s when computers were being introduced to the greater public. While such advancements have given artists new tools to express with, digital art has yet to be fully embraced by the art market as a whole.


‘sä-v(ə-)rən-tē (beginning state) by Micah Johnson. Transformative video art that changes with bitcoin contributions over a decade.

A tangible artwork may draw millions at auction with digital art lacking in the uniqueness and security that the former offers to do so. In fact, digital art can be easily reproduced, distributed, and made untraceable making it almost impossible to monetize. However, recent advancements in blockchain technology have turned a new leaf for some. Perhaps, the global pandemic also helped to fuel artists to look into Crypto art as galleries shuttered their doors and people remained at their homes sending images and videos to each other.

尽管缺乏传统艺术品所具有独一性和安全性,但一件出色的数字艺术品在拍卖会上可能被竞拍至数百万美元。实际上,数字艺术会很容易被复制,传播并变得难以追踪,从而几乎无法获利。但是,近来区块链技术的发展开创了新的局面。由于全球疫情,画廊暂停营业,人们呆在家中彼此传送图像和视频,让更多艺术家开始了解起加密艺术(Crypo art:与区块技术相关的一类艺术)

Why Artists Join the Crypto Art Movement


CryptoKitty Mork by Hackatao. Edition 1 of 1.

Digital artworks in the past usually easily dismissed by the traditional art market, citing issues in provenance, uniqueness, and exclusivity among other factors. This is resolved through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which links a unique token to the specific artwork, carrying all the details or metadata such as ownership and authenticity so that it may operate in the same way collectors would want it to be. However, at the end of the day, convincing artists to use and understand this segment of blockchain technology for art still hinders the development of this emerging marketplace. 


Portraits of a Mind, Block 21. Image from Robert Alice & Ben Gentilli

It was a timely coincidence of social distancing around the world that may have helped artists to consider such a route. Meanwhile, new token providers started optimizing the technology for art, inviting artists to join their gallery spaces in the digital realm. Over the course of the year, Crypto art began gaining traction as the art industry began to look for innovative solutions for maintaining revenue and growth. Jump to 2020 October and in a surprising turn of events, the major auction house Christie’s auctions off its first-ever crypto artwork for $131,250. The work made by Ben Gentilli is one of 40 objects in the series, Portraits of a Mind, and is an attempt by the artist to make a portrait of the anonymous founder of blockchain technology, Satoshi Nakamoto.

全球性的社交隔离是一个偶然的巧合,也许这会促使艺术家来考虑这样的途径。与此同时,新的数字货币提供商开始为了加密艺术而优化技术,邀请艺术家加入他们在数字领域的画廊空间。这一年中,随着艺术行业开始寻求创新的解决方案来维持收入和增长,加密艺术也开始受到关注。2020年10月,发生了一个意外的转折事件,大型拍卖行佳士得以131,250美元的价格拍卖了首件加密数字艺术品。这件艺术品是作者本·根蒂利(Ben Gentilli)的“心灵肖像”系列中的40件作品之一,在这个系列中作者试图描绘区块链技术的匿名创始人中本聪(Satoshi Nakamoto)的肖像。

Bull Run by Beeple (Mike Winkleman). Nov. 19th, 2020.

Beeple Instagram page: @beeple_crap

Besides the growing public interest, crypto art granted artists new possibilities of expression such as providing a program for the artwork that could manipulate the existing work’s color or shapes for the owner as if it were intended. For example, famous crypto artist, Beeple (Mike Winkleman), created a work that would change irreversibly based on the final result of the US general election: If Trump had won, the image would morph into a muscular Trump in hell. If he lost, he would die, being left to rot next to a pile of trash. Although the buyer had no knowledge of the irreversible change, the work was sold for $66,666.

除了日益增长的公众兴趣之外,加密艺术还为艺术家的表达提供了新的可能性。比如给加密艺术品提供程序,让它能够按照其所有者的意愿来操控现有作品的颜色或形状。例如,著名加密艺术家Beeple (Mike Winkleman) 根据美国大选的最终结果创作了一部不可逆转的作品:如果特朗普获胜,这幅图像里的特朗普会变成地狱里的一个肌肉男。但如果他输了,他会被留在一堆垃圾旁死去腐烂。尽管买主当时不知道这个不可逆转的结果会如何,该作品仍以66,666美元的价格售出。

SuperRare, a Crypto art online market place

Another factor that attracts artists to Crypto art is the opportunity of secondary sales. Some platforms that provide tokens to artists have built-in software that gives the artist a commission for the initial selling as well as a resale by the owner. For example, a collector that purchases digital art from Asynchronous Art, the artist is paid a commission on that sale and if the collector sells it two years later, the artist also automatically earns a 20% commission for that secondary sale.

加密艺术所吸引艺术家的另一个因素是二次销售的机会。一些向艺术家提供虚拟货币的平台具有内置软件,这个软件会向艺术家提供初次销售的佣金以及之后被所有者转售而获得的佣金。例如,一位收藏者从“Asynchronous Art”那里购买了数字艺术,该艺术家会获得该笔交易的佣金,如果该收藏者在两年后将其出售,这名艺术家也将自动从此次拍卖中获得20%的佣金。

The Roadblocks Ahead


At a glance, it all sounds too easy, yet the main issues arise when considering the learning curve of the concept of blockchain technology and how to access the market for both the artist and buyers: Creating a digital wallet, paying mint fees for coin creation, security, etc. Another issue is that the artists themselves must know how to make use of the digital medium, making it harder for artists using physical mediums such as sculptures, paintings, installations to enter the market. There is also a concern in the use of a digital trade ecosystem such as blockchain that must provide distinct codes for each token produced. At a certain point in time, will the system be able to handle all the data?

这些听起来似乎很容易,但是考虑到区块链技术的学习曲线以及如何进入为艺术家和购买方提供的市场里时,一些主要问题浮现出来:创建数字钱包,支付造币费用 ,以及安全性等等。另一个问题是,艺术家自己必须知道如何使用数字媒体,这给使用实体介质如雕塑,绘画,装置的艺术家们提供了进入此类市场的门槛。在使用诸如区块链之类的数字贸易系统时,也存在一个问题,这种生态系统必须为每个产生的令牌提供不同的代码。在某段时间点上,系统将能够处理所有数据吗?

Since the technology is still in development, only time will tell. While hoping for a better solution to evolve the art market, it is possible that another newer and efficient technology may change all this, but for now, 2020 has brought increased sales in NFT based Crypto art albeit not enough to replace physical art sales. Perhaps we will see change as the world offline will have its revival with the end of the pandemic.


We thank everyone who has been following Madness up to now and wish everyone a safe 2021 and a happy new year.


Translation 翻译 Rona Xia


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