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Vincent Van Gogh spent most of his life in Brabant. The natural landscape, rural life, people, and light all affected him deeply. As a person and as a painter. Thirty-nine monuments spread over a small area in Van Gogh villages like Nuenen, Zundert, and Etten-Leur and cities like Eindhoven, Breda, and Tilburg remember and narrate Vincent’s incredible journey. Of places and people that touched him so profoundly that Brabant was never more than a thought or brush stroke away.

A tree, witness to the gratitude Vincent had for his homeland where nature was his most notable source of inspiration. A leaf, hand-picked from the vicinity of each Van Gogh monument by our artist, which molds nature’s authenticity with creativity by adopting 3D scanning & printing technology. Combining the source of the art pieces, photos, letters, history of the monuments, and the motions of Vincent as if he was there, we curated the six digital artworks. We meticulously recreated that solitary leaf in the digital realm, integrating music and our gratitude to Vincent, preserving and encapsulating its fragile image forever as a digital collectible and a tangible reminder of Van Gogh’s talent, the spirit of connectivity, and artistic philosophy.

It is more than just a leaf. It is a connection between every collector and Vincent van Gogh. Now we can preserve his life and heritage in the blockchain forever and you are part of this meaningful journey in history.

The Van Gogh 39 Digital Collectibles

The first 1-6 issues of this historic 39-issue digital fine art collection will be released on 10th Oct with the rest being released gradually over the year. Follow in Vincent’s footsteps and collect all of Vincent’s 39 heritage digital artworks. Let’s preserve Vincent’s heritage and pass it on to future generations.

The inner landscape

As a painter, Vincent Van Gogh is celebrated for his capacity to paint the inner landscape through finding an emotional essence of the subject or moment, and then expressing it through colour, shape and texture. Not only did his art express an inner state; it was also shaped by the world around him while at the same time shaping his work.

All the facets of his surroundings, the light, the soil, nature and the people living, helped to define his subjects, the sense of space in his art, its tone and the intensity with which he explored it. That is why these 39 Monumental Landmarks symbolize such a significant part of Van Gogh’s formative years. They expanded the depth of his creative ability,

honed the expressiveness of every single brushstroke and brought out the innate spirit of his paintings.

Feel the Connection

We stand where he once stood, seeing what he once saw. Although the context today is different from that of the past, these are still the very same structures, natural surroundings, Brabant’s seasons and trees that bore witness to the sheer genius of his work.

In these places, we reach through the ages to touch the lingering essence of his spirit that still resides there, standing shoulder to shoulder as we share his perspective, feeling the closeness to essence of his inspiration.


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