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SUTU|控制论未来艺术 Art for the Cyber future

“Our dream for education is to create engaging experiences that empower communities, embrace local heritage and culture, and promote environmental sustainability, inclusivity and equal access to technology,”


– Sutu

About the artist


Los Angeles-based artist, Stuart Campbell, who goes by the moniker, Sutu uses art and technology in new ways to tell stories. He is famous for grand commissions for companies such as Marvel, Disney, Google, and has also worked on intellectual properties such as Marvel Studio’s Doctor Strange and Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One VR art experiences. At the same time, he has created audiovisual concerts for top artists such as The Weeknd, John Legend, Dillon Francis, and Alison Wonderland. Some of his most significant works include VR documentaries such as “Mind at War”, “Inside Manus”, as well as “The Battle of Hamel”. He is an Honorary Doctorate of Digital Media from Central Queensland University, 2017 Sundance Fellow, and the co-founder of EyeJack, an Augmented Reality company.

洛杉矶艺术家 Stuart Campbell 的绰号是 Sutu,他以全新的方式使用艺术和技术来讲述故事。他因为漫威、迪士尼、谷歌等这些大公司创作而闻名,并且他还为漫威工作室出品的奇异博士和史蒂文斯皮尔伯格的 Ready Player One VR 艺术体验等出过一份力。同时,他还为 The Weeknd、John Legend、Dillon Francis 和 Alison Wonderland 等顶级艺术家创作了视听音乐会。他的一些最重要的作品包括 VR 纪录片,例如“Mind at War”、“Inside Manus”以及“The Battle of Hamel”。他获得了中央昆士兰大学数字媒体专业的荣誉博士学位、也是2017 年圣丹斯学院院士和增强现实公司 EyeJack 的联合创始人。

Sutu’s works are divine visual feasts with deep intent and neon flair. Using new technologies such as VR, AR, and XR, he redefines what can be experienced through the mortal eye. The artist’s works cover a wide range of social topics including mental stability, pandemic fears, as well as sustainable creation of NFTs in the form of a cinematic art experience. As one goes through his portfolio of works it is clear that each story fulfills a specific narrative that conjures our innermost thoughts and emotions. Despite this, it is not to say that the artist is creating for the sake of garnering a reaction, but rather, building awareness towards the smallest details of our lives that may impact the way we see the modern world we exist in. This can be clearly seen throughout “Mind at War”.

Sutu 的作品是用霓虹灯风格创造的一种具有深刻意图的神圣视觉盛宴。使用 VR、AR 和 XR 等新技术,他重新定义了通过肉眼可以体验到的东西。他的作品涵盖了广泛的社会话题,包括心理稳定、对流行病的恐惧,以及以电影艺术体验的形式可持续地创造 NFT。当浏览他的作品集时,很明显每个故事都实现了一个特定的叙述,唤起了我们内心最深处的想法和情感。尽管如此,这并不意味着艺术家的创作是为了获得反响,他想要建立对我们生活中最小细节的认识,这些细节可能会影响我们看待我们所处的现代世界的方式。这些在“战火中的心灵”这部作品中清晰可见。

Mind at War


“Mind at War” is an audiovisual VR experience housed in a single room. Through this interactive experience, viewers travel through the digital realm to reach a series of paintings depicting the memories of the Iraq War veteran Scott England before, during, and after the war followed by the narration of Scott. The digital painting reveals Scott’s entangled fate as an unwilling military man, who only wished to nurture a pleasant life with his high school girlfriend. The story continues with his plight of losing his job and having to enlist in the midst of the 9/11 terror attack, leading to his deployment into Iraq. Sutu highlights the trauma of war veterans upon their return through this story, showing their struggles, as they try to piece themselves together to readapt into society. It is through the darkest of memories of Scott that viewers may realize the most precious things in life.

“Mind at War”是一款位于单人房间内的视听 VR 体验。通过这种互动体验,观众穿越数字领域,到达一系列描绘伊拉克战争老兵Scott England 在战争之前、期间和之后的回忆的画作,随后是Scott的叙述。这幅数字绘画揭示了斯科特作为一个不情愿的军人的纠缠命运,他只想和他的高中女友过上幸福的生活。故事讲述了他失去工作后不得不在 9/11 恐怖袭击中入伍的困境,他被部署到伊拉克。Sutu通过这个故事描绘了退伍军人回国后的创伤,展示了他们在努力拼凑起来以重新适应社会时的挣扎。正是通过Scott最黑暗的记忆,观众才可能意识到生命中最珍贵的东西。

The Next Chapter of Art


Sutu, like some artists, is dedicated to using new technologies in much more sustainable ways. He believes that artists and creatives should be creating art with the foundation of sustainability. He emphasizes that while blockchain technology may reduce energy and financial barriers, it still employs other forms of technology that lead to an enormous amount of CO2 emissions. At the same time, the artist finds that the path to sustainability, especially now, should be something that can be happening and should be happening. 

Sutu 和一些艺术家一样,致力于以更可持续的方式使用新技术。他认为艺术家和创意工作者应该在可持续发展的基础上创造艺术。他强调,虽然区块链技术可以减少能源和金融壁垒,但它所运用的技术仍然以其它的形式,排放出大量的二氧化碳。但与此同时,艺术家了发现可持续发展的道路,尤其到了现在,应该是可以发生并且应该发生的事情。

“Even though they’re talking about this migration to more sustainable technology, they’ve been talking about it for years, and I don’t feel like we should wait,”


By using alternative blockchains such as Tezos that are more aligned with sustainability, the artist hopes to become a model of success in the possibility of creating more sustainable NFTs while also providing inclusivity and better accessibility to the technology. The artist goes beyond the exploration of the abstract concepts we live in, helping those engaged with his work to understand the positive impact on the future of art and the world. Prosthetic Reality V2 is his first step to this goal. Taking inspiration from digital artists, he gathered multiple creators globally to contribute to a collection that uses a diverse range of art styles. This includes AI, hand-drawn, animated, and more. The project is open to submissions so that anyone may contribute to the project. 

通过使用更符合可持续性的区块链网络,例如Tezos,艺术家希望能成为成功的典范,以创造更具有可持续性的 NFT,同时提供包容性和更好的技术宽容。这位艺术家超越了对我们生活的抽象概念的探索,帮助那些从事艺术工作的人了解对艺术和对世界未来的积极影响。Prosthetic Reality V2 是他实现这一目标的第一步。从数字艺术家那里汲取灵感,他聚集了全球多位创作者,让大家使用多种艺术风格,来一起为一件作品做出自己的贡献,这包括人工智能、手绘、动画等等。这个项目是公开开放的,因此任何人都可以为该项目做出贡献。

The collection also houses Sutu’s previous project Neonz, a limited edition of randomly generated avatars in the style of futuristic neon character art. The series of works in Neonz is the stepping stone to Sutu’s Metaverse project, Sutuverse. Through the cyberpunk-inspired characters in his own Metaverse, Sutu will expand the possibilities of what technology can provide for art and diversify the types of stories and experiences he can give to his viewers. Having sold out in October, “Prosthetic Reality V2” became the first clean NFT 10K project on the Tezos blockchain.

该系列还包含了 Sutu 之前的项目 Neonz,这个系列是限量版随机生成的虚拟化身,具有未来派霓虹角色艺术的风格。Neonz 的系列作品是Sutu在Metaverse里踏出的第一步。通过他自己在Metaverse 中受赛博朋克启发的角色,Sutu 扩大了技术为艺术提供的可能性,并使他可以为观众提供的故事和体验类型多样化。在 10 月售罄后,“Prosthetic Reality V2”成为 Tezos 区块链上第一个销售一空的 NFT 10K 项目。

Sutu has since gone on to create collaborative NFTs and work on virtual concerts for celebrity musicians. He is currently expanding his exploration of cyber culture-inspired works with Positive Glitch set to be released exclusively on Hic et Nunc and will continue experimenting on new ways of evolving his art.

此后,Sutu 会继续创造协作 NFT,并为名人音乐家举办虚拟音乐会。他目前正在扩展他的以探索控制论文化为灵感的作品,Positive Glitch 将在 Hic et Nunc 独家发行,他也将继续尝试发展他的艺术新方法。

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Translation 翻译 Rona Xia


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