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Shin Oh | 用NFT为生命带来曙光 Using NFT to bring light to life

“I want someone to connect with my art and find comfort in it, and it helps them feel less alone, knowing that there are individuals in this world that feel the same way and are in a similar circumstance.”


– Shin Oh

About artist


Volumetric Pixel (Voxel)artist Shin Oh is from Malaysia. She chose to major in multimedia design in college because she valued flexibility and creativity above the repetitive habitual learning that her country’s educational system appeared to appreciate. Oh has had depression, anxiety, and ADHD for a long time until she rediscovered her long-lost enthusiasm and passion for painting through voxel art. Oh began creating voxel art as a therapy before using it to communicate her feelings.

Volumemetric Pixel (Voxel) 艺术家 Shin Oh 来自马来西亚。她在大学选择了多媒体设计专业,因为她更看重灵活性和创造力,而不是她所在国家的教育系统似乎重视的死记硬背的学习。Oh 长期患有抑郁症、焦虑症和多动症。直到她通过体素艺术重新发现了她久违的对绘画的热情和热情。Oh 开始创作体素艺术作为一种疗法,然后用它来传达她的感受。

What is pixel art? 


The book “Pixel Hundred Scenes” mentions: “The so-called pixel art refers to the flat works drawn by the smallest unit “pixel” on the screen.”


Early low-pixel digital picture displays have evolved into popular designs, illustrations, and works of art. They even have a close connection to the NFT, which is now gaining interest. It continues the history of technology in the 1970s through the creator’s aesthetic presentation, preserves its traits, integrates current events and color trends, and merges the present with the future through pixel art.

早期的低像素数字图片显示器已经发展成为流行的设计、插图和艺术品。他们甚至与 NFT 有着密切的联系,现在正在引起人们的兴趣。它通过创作者的审美呈现延续了1970年代的科技史,保留了它的特质,融合了时事和色彩趋势,并通过像素艺术将现在与未来融为一体。



The Japanese word “Shachiku” is a combination of the words “Kaisha” and“Kasaku,” and the English translation of Shachiku is “wage slave.”


It speaks to a class of people at the bottom of society who toil nonstop to support themselves. They gave up their free time and never voiced any complaints about unfair treatment at work.


Shin Oh consistently conveys a sense of loneliness and a commentary on actual life in his paintings. Coffee and instant noodles are essentials for migratory workers. They are working nonstop, adapting plans to superiors, and attending numerous meetings. Workers at the bottom are compelled to forgo rest and food breaks to catch up on work. It has become standard practice to work overtime in the workplace at night while consuming instant noodles while working nonstop at the computer. Additionally, drinking coffee with it to stay alert.

Shin Oh的作品总是暗戳戳的透露出一种孤独感和对现实生活的一种反馈。泡面和咖啡都是打工人的必备品。日以继夜地工作,交给老板的方案一改再改,没完没了的会议。令到在底层工作的员工牺牲自己的休息和吃饭时间,只为了赶工作。一边吃着泡面一边对着电脑不停的工作,已经成为办公室晚间加班的常态。另外,一定要配上咖啡,让自己保持清醒。

Companionship is the best gift in the world


” I would describe myself as someone obsessed with the past; I am often nostalgic and remember everything from the past.”


My birthday was the happiest day of the year when I was a kid.


However, parents are too busy now and may not be able to accompany their children on their birthdays. Busy working and making money, and they want their children to be better off, so parents must work hard to make ends meet.


And they don’t know that what their children want most is the company of their parents. Looking closely at the parents at work and the children painted on the wall, he is very eager for his parents to spend time with him on his birthday.


The most precious thing in the world is the company of those we love. No money can buy time, so the best gift we can give our loved ones is companionship.


Someone said:“When it rains, a child without an umbrella must run hard.”


But it’s raining so hard outside, you might as well stop, and I’ll accompany you to take shelter from the rain.


Perhaps what this sentence means is,


Don’t keep forcing yourself to work harder when you are sad, stop and let me chat with you.


Sometimes, when you are in a bad mood, what you need most is simple companionship. I don’t need any fancy words, I hope to be by my side silently, and when the sky starts to clear, everything will be better.


On the verge of a desperate collapse, suddenly the phone rang. “R U OK?”is a simple greeting from a friend. It is because of these few simple English letters sad people are brought out of pain. On the phone, a hand and an umbrella stretched out. This greeting from the other end of the phone is like an umbrella, preventing sadness from soaking me.

在绝望崩溃的边缘,突然手机响了。“R U OK?”是一句来自朋友简单的问候。就是因为几个简单的英文字母,使悲伤的人走出伤痛。手机中,伸出了一只手和一把雨伞。这条来自手机另一端的问候就像一把雨伞,避免了悲伤浸湿自己。

In many cases, consulting an expert is unnecessary. The best way to help someone who is experiencing bad emotions is to show greater concern for their feelings and to learn to listen well.


The empathy shown with a simple hello may also help to make the world a better place.


“Every piece of my work revolves around real life, past and present, but never the future”


Shin oh uses the most modern artistic way to show the struggles of real life. And we are fighting inequality and injustice in society. It shows the exhaustion of everyday young people. she hopes that through her artwork, we can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Shin oh 用了最现代的艺术方式,展现了现实生活的困难。以及对抗社会上的不平等、不公正。表现出了现代年轻人的疲惫感。希望透过作品,让我们保持健康的工作和生活的平衡。

Translation 翻译 Alice Yip


本篇文章来源于微信公众号: SHMADNESS


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