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“Now, I made her see my changes from the perspective of a third party.” 


– Ruby Gloom

RUBY 9100M is a Hong Kong-based VIRTUAL INFLUENCER. As the name implies, this character does not exist in the actual world; however, RUBY, the creator of the same name who inspired her, does.

RUBY 9100M是来自香港的一个虚拟网红。顾名思义,这个角色不存在于真实世界,真实存在的只是她背后的同名创作者RUBY。

Living in the 21st century, have you ever played “The Sims”? Players in this computer game can create their characters in a virtual world. Set the character‘s appearance, gender, appearance, etc., and then interact with other computer characters, including family members and friends, complete goals and tasks of different difficulty in work and life, and experience a virtual life like the real world.


RUBY is a lover of this game. The game also inspired her to create the ruby9100m.

RUBY是这款游戏的热爱者。这款游戏也启发了她创造RUBY 9100M的想法。

Virtual characters are not necessarily perfect


RUBY 9100M‘s style does not prioritize the authenticity of its character – its face, body form, clothing, cosmetics, camera lighting, and even the setting it is in do not conceal its actuality as a virtual figure.

RUBY 9100M 的风格并不会优先考虑其角色的真实性——它的面部、身体形态、服装、化妆品、相机灯光,甚至它所处的环境都不会掩盖它作为虚拟人物的真实性。

RUBY draws her facial features, such as big eyes, long eyelashes, sweet lips, hairstyle, etc., into the current RUBY 9100M according to her appearance. In addition, RUBY also deliberately copied some of her physical defects to the RUBY 9100M, such as hereditary freckles on the face, white spots on the palms and arms caused by skin mutations, and so on.

RUBY按照自己的样貌,将她的面部特征,如大眼睛、长睫毛、甜美的嘴唇、发型等,绘制成现在的RUBY 9100M。此外,RUBY还特意将自己的一些物理缺陷复制到了RUBY 9100M 上,比如脸上的遗传性雀斑、皮肤突变导致的手掌和手臂上的白斑等等。

She also fitted robotic arms and torsos for the figure, similar to prosthetic limbs, to highlight the character’s sensation of mutilation, reminding herself and others that have maimed bodies have another type of beauty.


Walk between virtual and reality


Regarding personality, RUBY uses herself as the archetype, giving the RUBY 9100M a sentimental and emotional character. RUBY actually is a terrific listener; she enjoys listening to her friends share tales and gaining insights from them. She will not share the reality of life that she has learned because of her somewhat introverted disposition. Therefore, she utilizes the role of RUBY 9100M to express her emotions. It is clear that RUBY wishes to construct a more flawless and strong self through RUBY 9100M.

人物性格方面,RUBY 以自己为原型,赋予了9100m地多愁善感和情绪化的性格。现实中,RUBY是一个很好的聆听者,她喜欢听朋友讲故事,同时她也会在朋友的故事中有所领略一些看法。由于性格比较内向,她并不会把自己领略到的人生道理自己说出来,所以,她便借RUBY 9100M这个角色来抒发自己的情感。由此可见,RUBY希望透过RUBY 9100M来创造另一个更完美和强大的自己。

“She is very likely to be able to do things that I normally would not dare or would not do, which also makes me more confident.”


When RUBY was still a student, she often shared photos of her outfits on social media. After attracting a group of viewers, invitations to shoot from fashion brands or magazines followed. Unknowingly she became the “KOL” (Key-opinion-leader/ social media influencer) we are talking about today. The biggest thing in common between RUBY and RUBY9100m is their distinctive clothing tastes. Their clothing styles are equally bold, eye-catching, and experimental. They dare to combine different textures and different cutting materials into an unexpected effect, so when she was active on social media as a FASHION INFLUENCER in the past, she inevitably attracted criticism and ridicule from netizens who were conservative or didn’t understand fashion. These comments once made her feel very uncomfortable, concerned, and unhappy.

RUBY在求学期间,经常在社交媒体上分享的穿搭造型照片,吸引了一班观众后,时尚品牌或杂志的拍摄邀请随之而来,不知不觉间成为了今日所讲的“KOL”。RUBY与RUBY9100m之间最大的共通之处,是她们都有着与众不同的衣着品味,她们的穿衣风格都是一样大胆、惹人注目而富实验性,敢于将不同质地、不同剪材,达至使人意想不到的效果,因此,在过去当她作为FASHION INFLUENCER以真人身份活跃于社交媒体时,少不免引来一些思想保守或者不了解时装的网民的批评和揶揄,曾使她一度感到很在意和不开心。

Because a virtual persona has replaced the actual self, the distance between RUBY and others has grown. All criticism and abuse have lost concentration and focus, and superfluous negative opinions will automatically fade. As a result, she believes there is no need for people to grow too close. If they get too close, people will simply notice too many flaws in each other. Keeping a safe distance that allows for conversation and communication is excellent.


RUBY9100m is a mirror


RUBY is very vague about her position because she grew up in a broken family. She doesn’t understand herself and has problems integrating into the many circles around her; She only wants to keep a safe distance from others to minimize the pain caused by others and live her life freely. Until now, RUBY is still trying to find her identity through the role of RUBY 9100M, but it is more precise than before. Every growing girl seems to have a question mark about her body and attractiveness so that they will pursue beauty in different ways.

RUBY对自己的位置非常模糊,因为她在一个破碎的家庭中长大。她不了解自己,难以融入她周围的许多圈子;她只想与他人保持安全距离,以尽量减少他人造成的痛苦,自由地过自己的生活。直到现在,RUBY还在试图通过RUBY 9100M这个角色来寻找自己的身份,但比之前更加清晰了。似乎每个成长中的女孩都会对自己的身材和魅力产生一个问号,所以她们追求美的方式也各不相同。

She always uses the RUBY 9100M to experiment with different outfits and looks and even to explore questions about gender and sexuality. When faced with complex emotions and emotional problems in the real world, such as dealing with broken relationships such as friendship, love, etc., she will observe and examine herself through the foresight of RUBY 9100M, which helps her to see the problem more thoroughly.

她总是使用RUBY 9100M 来尝试不同的服装和不同的外观,甚至探索关于性别和性取向的问题。面对现实世界中复杂的情绪和情绪问题,比如处理友情、爱情等破裂的关系时,她会通过RUBY 9100M的先见之明来观察和审视自己,似乎能看出问题所在更彻底。

“I want to build my AI robot and give her real life and freedom, so one day I’m gone, and her identity will remain the same.”


*all images and artworks belong to the artist & his representing galleries respectively


Translation  Alice Yip


本篇文章来源于微信公众号: SHMADNESS


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