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Mark Klink马克·克林克丨Glitch Art 故障的艺术


Digital technology and science fiction art are a perfect match. If there are still leaders in this new field of artistic creation, Mark Klink is definitely one of them. His work is concerned with human’s place in history and guides the imagination of the post-human era.




Mark Klink is a 70-year-old artist living in California, USA. When he was young, he was very good at painting, drawing, printmaking, and other traditional painting techniques. At the same time, he was one of the earliest freelance programmers in the United States in the 1990s, participating in the coding of some early software. These two seemingly unrelated experiences combined to make him the digital artist he is today.



Assembly 022 detail 01


More accurately, Mark Klink is engaged in “Glitch Art”. This word may seem unfamiliar to you the first time you see it, but it’s actually easy to understand. In glitch art, the artist willfully destroys something, such as a change of color or distortion of shape, but the result can be surprising and fascinating – the formation of new and exquisite works of art.




Mark Klink used this “creation by destruction” approach to create huge 3D digital faces, deliberately corrupting files in special ways. He makes use of open source tools like Blender 3d, Meshlab, T the Gimp, etc., and often “misuses” some of the techniques in the software to allow unexpected effects to be added on top of each other. This seemingly absurd method of creation often results in startling new works of art.

Mark Klink就是用这种“毁灭性创造”的方式来创作巨大的3D数字人脸,并用一些特殊的方式故意令文件损坏。他利用Blender 3d、Meshlab、the Gimp等开源工具进行艺术创作,且经常“滥用”这些软件的某些技术,以使得意外的效果不断的叠加.这种看似荒谬的创作方式往往会形成让人吃惊的新的艺术品。



Head 0023.1

Heads New Series 031v2

Of course, the process is not completely random, and it is up to the artist himself to choose which “accidents” should be kept and which should be removed. As a romantic and humanistic artist, Mark Klink is also concerned with human subjectivity. From his view, art makes no sense except as a manifestation of human intentionality.




Glitch Head 012


“Even when an artist contrives an utterly mechanical algorithm to generate an image, the selection and interpretation of that image is a function of human sensibility. We humans really are the most interesting things there are!”



– Mark Klink 马克·克林克说 

LaceHead 022.1.2

Venus De Milo 1.003

Mark Klink was fascinated by this new approach to creation. In his view, art loses its power through familiarity. When something is alive, it always takes on new forms. 3D digital art today is what it was at the beginning of the California gold Rush – the nugget was lying on the ground, just waiting to be picked up.






What sets humans apart from the rest of the universe is our boundless imagination. Artists use new technologies to create amazing works of art that have never been done before. And that’s what Mark Klink is doing. In the future, he says he will likely continue to make more structured and detailed digital works, perhaps with more narrative and storytelling, as audiences continue to examine the future and meaning of humanity in his works.


人类与宇宙其他部分的区别,就在于人类拥有无穷的想象力,艺术家会用新的技术创作出从未有过的绝妙艺术品,这也是Mark Klink正在做的事情。在未来,他表示可能会继续制作更加结构化与更加精细的作品,也许会带有更多的叙事性与故事性,观众将继续在他的作品中审视人类的未来与意义。

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