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Joe Lam| 用NFT打造童年回忆 Creating Childhood Memories with NFTs

“I like painting very much. Every time I pick up the brush, I feel very relaxed and at ease, and my emotions are expressed with the brushstrokes, colors, and lines. Besides, I enjoy the creative process very much. If I am willing to experiment freely, whether painting or making Accessories, you can find fresh and interesting ideas.”


About Artist


Joe Lam graduated from the Hong Kong Design Department and subsequently worked as a graphic designer and creative director in the magazine business. He officially became a full-time artist in 2012. Simultaneously, she began to design and produce jewelry, establishing the brand “Every day is chill out day!” Joe excels in capturing the delicate beauty of ladies in vibrant hues. Jessica, Elle, Cosmopolitan, ZIP, Marie Clarie, Ming Zhou, andMetro Pop have featured her artwork. She exhibited her first solo show at Zouma Deng Cultural and Creative Spaces in April 2015. The first NFT series, with the topic of encouraging women to enjoy their lives, will be launched in 2021.

Joe Lam毕业于香港设计系,随后在杂志业务担任平面设计师和创意总监。2012年正式成为全职艺术家,同时开始设计和制作珠宝,创立了“Every day is chill out day!”的品牌。Joe擅长以鲜艳的色彩捕捉女性的精致美感。Jessica、Elle、Cosmopolitan、ZIP、Marie Clarie、Ming Zhou Metro Pop 展示了她的作品。2015年4月,她在走马灯文创空间展出了他的第一个个展。第一个以鼓励女性享受生活为主题的NFT系列将于2021年推出。

Advocating a new generation of feminism


She believes: “Girls with different personalities, appearances and temperaments have their unique beauty, which is worthy of being discovered and appreciated by creators.”


Joe’s creations have a strong visual presence. Because of her previous experience working in publications, she frequently browses numerous magazines and websites, noting the beauty of some ladies for future reference, which has fostered her acute sense of fashion. She employs a variety of face traits, cosmetics, hairstyles, backgrounds, and clothes to show the distinct beauty of women of many cultures and ethnicities.


The eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. When drawing, she will start with the eyes, then the outline, color matching, and ultimately the backdrop. The procedure is uncomplicated and stress-free. Girls’ fashion tastes vary greatly; some like neutral attire, while others ooze exotic flair.


I wonder if girls will see their shadows in Joe’s paintings when they appreciate the works?


Her family is not only her supporter but also the source of her inspiration.


As a mother, Joe again shares the NFT series “Everyday is chill out day Kids Collection” that she produced with her children.

Joe以媽媽的身份再度分享她與子女一同製作的NFT系列「Everyday is chill out day Kids Collection」

The complete series has 26 NFTs A-Z, each of which is created of beautiful drawings into GIF animations and children’s voices to co-create and perform, conveying the priceless moments of their everyday lives.

全系列共有 26 个 NFT A-Z,每一个都由精美华丽的图画制成 GIF 动画和儿童的声音共同创作和表演,传达他们日常生活中的无价时刻。

We used to utilize albums and camcorders, and now we have cell phones to document our precious and meaningful moments. However, all these items may be incomplete due to time. The Metaverse can directly resolve these issues.


When a child gets a new toy for the first time, there is a look of doubt mixed with excitement on his face.


Take the kids to the park to relax, the parents enjoy a picnic on the grass, the kids play with the boat on the lake, and even the kittens rest on the grass. Each has its unique style of unwinding while still enjoying life.


Children are always full of curiosity. Take a magnifying glass and look around at the beautiful creations of nature.


Joe documented the unique encounters she had with her children regularly. Each NFT will give the parents a knowing smile and a pleasant sensation of resonance. The development of children should be peaceful, cheerful, and stress-free. The same is true of education. They must have a happy and healthy upbringing. At the same time, her artworks want to encourage parents to spend more time getting to know and speaking with their children since they will be valuable memories in the future.

Joe定期记录他与孩子们的独特相遇。每个 NFT 都会给父母一个会心的微笑和一种很好的共鸣感。孩子的发展应该是平和、快乐、无压力的。教育也是如此。他们有一个快乐和健康的成长环境是至关重要的。同时,她的作品希望鼓励父母多花时间去了解和与孩子交谈,因为他们将成为未来宝贵的回忆。

Translation 翻译 Alice Yip


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