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Desmond Lo|香港新黑色里的反烏托邦世界 Dystopian World of Neo-Noire Hong Kong

Compression (2018) by Desmond Lo

压缩 (2018) by Desmond Lo


About the Artist


Desmond Lo (罗洛民) is a Hong Kong-based photographer and animation artist. He uses computer-generated imagery in misty neon-lit Neo-Noire environments that explore the change in the identity of Hong Kong and how it is fading away. His digital cityscapes are a re-envisioning of the Hong Kong culture and an attempt at preserving them through his own imagination.

罗洛民(Desmond Lo)是香港的摄影师和动画艺术家。他用计算机生成的图像营造一种在朦胧的霓虹灯下的新黑色环境里,探索了香港身份的变化以及它在如何逐渐消失。他的数字城市景观是对香港文化的重新构想,并试图通过他自己的想象力来保存它们。

Desmond Lo 罗洛民


Before the artist’s Neo-noir digital obsession, he was focused on photography which was inspired by the late Fan Ho. Fan Ho was renowned for his black and white photos that told the story of the poor people of Hong Kong and the environment around them. His use of light, shadow, and coincidental capturing is what drew Desmond to his works. He simulates many of Fan Ho’s techniques to develop his own works.

在艺术家对新黑色数码技术的痴迷之前他专注于摄影,他的灵感来自已故的 何藩 。何藩是以黑白照片闻名,他的照片讲述了香港贫民及其周围环境的故事。他对光,影和巧合抓拍的运用吸引着罗洛民并运用在自己的作品中。他学习了范浩的许多技术来创作自己的作品。

There is an emphasis on scale in many of Lo’s photos with skyscrapers and architecture being an important feature of his compositions. An interaction of light reflecting off surfaces while creating a new narrative.



Recurring Nightmares (2019) by  Desmond Lo

循环的噩梦 (2019) by Desmond Lo


Gridlock (2020) by Desmond Lo

僵局 (2020) by Desmond Lo


Someone Lived Here


Overshot by Demond Lo

向上拍摄by Demond Lo


Lo’s artworks in his first solo exhibition titled Someone Lived Here uses cyberpunk as a visual genre to describe many aspects of the culture of Hong Kong. The genre, cyberpunk, mixes high-tech elements with low life to portray a much rougher and dystopian future. It echoes Hong Kong’s cramped environment and neon signs that illuminate its streets. It also draws attention to the big financial gap within the city which acts both as a financial hub and an old fishing village.


The exhibition consists of two parts, Hidden Corners and Childhood Memories. It is a visual stroll into the “hidden gems” from the perspective of the artist. These re-imagined environments eventually project Lo’s childhood memories of a more vibrant and nostalgic Hong Kong onto a parallel dystopian universe. Lo’s recreations are desolate and familiar yet detached. There is a sense of yearning present in many of his nocturnal images.



Rainstain [left] & Heavy Rain (2018) [right] by Desmond Lo

雨渍 [左图] & 大雨(2018) [右图]by Desmond Lo


RLD (2018) [left] & MK2032 (2018) [right] by Desmond Lo

RLD(2018) [左图] & MK2032(2018) [右图]by Desmond Lo

Desmond’s pictures have deceived some as they are not real photographs, just hyper-photorealistic. He constructs his worlds first through a 3D modeling program and uses the Octane Render Engine to create realistic lighting, shadows, depth, and refractions. Once his composition is set, he will use the in-program camera to shoot the “photo”. This led him to be accused of misleading his audience, many of whom, wanted to know where his works were captured to recreate it for themselves. He reasons that he was not interested in the redundancy of well-known locations that every photographer has already captured. He chooses to recreate his environments while implementing a canton flair of neon lights, tightly packed apartment windows, and overarching skyscrapers. A Hong Kong of his own making.

罗浩民的照片欺骗了一些人,因为它们不是真实的照片,而是超真实感的图像。他首先通过3D建模程序构建了自己的世界,并使用Octane Render Engine创建了逼真的照明,阴影,深度和折射。设定好构图后,他将使用程序内相机拍摄“照片”。这导致他被说误导观众,其中许多人想知道他的作品在哪里被拍摄的然后后期重新修改。他这么做的理由是,他对别的摄影师已经捕获的知名地点都不感兴趣。他选择使用广州风格的霓虹灯,紧凑的公寓窗户和高耸入云的摩天大楼的同时重建属于自己的环境。一个自己创造出的香港。



“You get these photographers who come to Hong Kong from overseas and shoot the exact same thing the exact same way. On Instagram, you see it ten times per day! For me, as a content creator, why would I want to replicate something that someone has done before?”


– Desmond Lo 罗浩民


The EveryDay Project


Works from Desmond Lo’s EveryDay Project


Desmond’s drive-in digital art is inspired by the famous digital artist Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple on Instagram, who had been creating one piece of work every day for over 12 years without missing a single day. Following in Winkelmann’s footsteps, Desmond began to produce one work a day, every day. Not only does this exercise help him to get better at 3D modeling but it also challenged him to be creative even when he did not feel like creating anything.

罗浩民的数字艺术灵感来自著名的数字艺术家Mike Winkelmann(在Instagram上被称为Beeple),他每天创作一件作品已有12年以上,而且是坚持每一天。跟随Winkelmann的脚步,罗浩民开始每天制作一件作品,每一天。这项练习不仅帮助他在3D建模方面变得更好,而且甚至在他感觉不到在创建任何东西的同时挑战了他的创造力。

The individual work he puts out to the world covers a wide range of topics including society, politics, pop culture, and self-exploration. Employing a cinematic atmosphere and well-rendered CGI, he can instill an enigmatic aura for the viewer.


Revival (2020) by Desmond Lo

复兴(2020) by Desmond Lo

Faith (2019) by Desmond Lo

信仰(2019) by Desmond Lo


Aftermath (2020) by Desmond Lo

后果(2020) by Desmond Lo


Despite the seemingly moody nature of Desmond Lo’s CGI works, he does not take his work too seriously. He remarks that although his cyberpunk is aesthetically pleasing for the audience, he is more focused on the underlying story it hopes to communicate, an exploration of the culture and life of people.


Translation 翻译:Eva Li


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