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黑桃组合Hackatao丨人们无法再回到NFT以前的时代 We can't return to the pre-NFT era

Nadia Squarci & Sergio Scalet (Hackatao)

Hackatao is an Italian art group founded in 2007. Before the group was formed, Sergio Scalet was a creative copywriter at an advertising agency, and Nadia Squarci was an art director. The two artists met in Milan, Italy, in 2006 and soon decided to form Hackatao.

Hackatao是一个来自意大利的艺术组合,成立于2007年。在组合成立之前,Sergio Scalet是一名广告公司的创意文案,Nadia Squarci是一位艺术总监。两位艺术家在2006年于意大利米兰相遇,志趣相投的两个人之后很快就决定成立Hackatao组合。


Heroines – Weight Of The World 女英雄-世界的重量

While Hackatao is not well known on social platforms, Hackatao has just 8,000 followers on Instagram, compared to Beeple’s 2.25 million followers (his work previously sold for nearly $70 million at the NFT Art Market). But that doesn’t stop Hackatao’s work from selling well on the NFT art market. They are one of the top three crypto artists.



The name represents the spirit of the artist, and the “Hackatao” comes from the superposition of two words. The word “Hack” represents the pleasure of digging deep into something and enjoying the process. “Tao” is derived from the core spirit of Taoism, China’s indigenous religion, symbolizing the harmony of Yin and Yang, and their works are constantly changing to a better state.


HACK of a BEAR – The Architect


Hackatao’s works focus on society, humanity, the environment, and the NFT art market in which they work on. Superficially, their work was heavily influenced by Andy Warhol’s pop art form, attempting to express themselves in surrealism and stream of consciousness. In terms of content, Hackatao combines many sources of thought, including religion, politics, nature, art history, contemporary art, psychology, alchemy, childhood memory, and other complex thinking systems



Hackatao themselves admits that their work is in a “borderline state of order and chaos”. In Hackatao’s view, their art comes from their existence and it is a distillation of their individuality.





Hackatao’s entry into the NFT art market came from a very unexpected coincidence. In 2018, Sergio read an article about blockchain in Science magazine and immediately realized its value to the art market. Uniqueness is an important foundation of art, and blockchain technology can prove the uniqueness of digital works.


“Although it did not talk about NFT and Art, we immediately thought that this technology was perfect for the certification and creation of something new for art. So, armed with all our curiosity, we set out to research, with the same approach with which we approach the creation of an artwork. We met Jason Bailey, curator, and popularizer, we believe the first one who has been able to define Crypto Art. He introduced us to the guys at SuperRare and so it all started with them and a few other artists.”

“虽然它没有谈论 NFT 和艺术,但我们立即认为这项技术非常适合艺术新事物的认证和创造。因此,带着我们所有的好奇心,我们开始研究,采用与创作艺术品相同的方法。我们遇到了策展人和普及者 Jason Bailey,我们相信第一个能够定义加密艺术的人。他向我们介绍了SuperRare 的人,所以这一切都是从他们和其他一些艺术家开始的。”


So in 2018, Hackatao entered SuperRare, a digital art marketplace based on Ethereum (a type of cryptocurrency), despite the fact that the NFT market was still heavily underrated by the traditional art market.


In the eyes of Hackatao, the biggest feature of NFT and Crypto Art is decentralization. Any artist can enter the international art market without being blocked by borders. This new paradigm provides unprecedented opportunities for many artists, especially those who are not yet famous.

在Hackatao的眼中,NFT 和加密艺术最大的特点是去中心化,任何艺术家都可以进入国际艺术市场而不受边境的阻拦,这种新的范式为众多艺术家尤其是尚未成名的艺术家提供了前所未有的机遇。


But at the same time, Hackatao also believes that the construction of NFT as an emerging market has just started, there is still a lot of work to be done, we need to build a new cultural model that is different from the traditional world.





When asked about the future of blockchain technology, Hackatao responded this way: ” We don’t know if the world will be blockchain, but certainly, those who live and work in this new dimension have a hard time going back to the old logic. Once you understand the creative application power of blockchain and the founding values of cryptocurrencies, everything else seems complicated and obsolete. “


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