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黃心健 Hsin-Chien Huang | 时间的意义 The Meaning Of Time

About the artist


“Some people say that traditional media are mostly the medium of “storytelling”, but VR can reach the point of “storying living”, and I agree with this idea very much.”

“有人说传统媒体多半是「story telling」的媒介,但 VR 可以达到「storying living」的地步,我很认同这个想法。”

— Hsin-Chien Huang 黃心健

New media artist Hsin-Chien Huang is a cross-disciplinary creator. He earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from National Taiwan University. After moving to the United States, he studied product design at the Art Center School of Designin Pasadena. His piece “Moon Shadow” was chosen as a representative piece for school entrance.


He has committed his life to investigating the potential of the latest technology in art, literature, design, and stage performance, with a background in art, design, engineering, and video games. His work excels in large-scale new media cross-domain production that incorporates interaction, performance art, power equipment, computer programming, video installations, and so on. He is also a distinguished professor at Normal University’s Design Department, where he is committed to cross-domain integrated STEAM instruction and publication.




People born during a time when no war was fortunate, unfortunate individuals who were displaced and going through starvation. “Samsara” has been in the works for two years. It just so happens that these two years coincide with the onset of the current pandemic. What is perhaps more surprising is that the war between Ukraine and Russia occurred at the same time.


Experience the horrors of battle, terror, and sadness.


The plot is set in the not-too-distant future. People’s greed has swamped the world, resulting in a scarcity of resources. People battle one another, resulting in terrible conflicts. In the end, humans are compelled to evacuate the planet and seek a new home somewhere in the cosmos. Is their new abode, however, a rebirth in time and space? We believe that the constant evolution and advancement and lack of spiritual growth may be a reincarnation.


It is possible that the entire planet is the same life form, but this life is you, the next life is me, and all people are the same person, but they injure and support one another.


“In this work, I tried to let the audience see their own body, just like I usually see a poor beggar on the street; but in VR, I found that the beggar is me, with thin hands and fly bites, which can make me The audience empathizes, and then thinks about what to do, and also makes the audience’s body part of my storytelling.”

“在这个作品中,我试图让观众可以看到自己的身体,就好像平常我在街上看到一个可怜的乞丐;但在 VR 里发现那个乞丐就是我,双手瘦弱还有苍蝇叮咬,可以让观众共感,进而去思考自己该怎么做,也让观众的身体变成我说故事的一部分。”

—Hsin-Chien Huang黃心健

This work may make anyone feel the same way, regardless of where they were born or when. The experiencer might now appear in the results under numerous identities thanks to VR technology. It might be a newborn infant, a displaced refugee, or a person in power who wields power in his palm. People who can feel and think from other viewpoints may appreciate and care for others to create a peaceful world. Hsin-Chien Huang aspires to make people more compassionate through his work and technology.


Although the covid-19 is a nightmare for numerous artists, it has forced several exhibits to be postponed or canceled. Hsin-Chien Huang, on the other hand, is not convinced. More exhibits have been converted into online “cloud exhibitions” by covid-19. This is a fantastic opportunity to market VR technology while simultaneously promoting its advancement.

虽然COVID-19对许多艺术家来说是一场噩梦,但它已经迫使一些展览被推迟或取消。黄新建则不能苟同。更多展品已被covid19转换为在线“云展览”。这是营销 VR 技术同时促进其进步的绝佳机会。

Translation 翻译 Alice Yip


本篇文章来源于微信公众号: SHMADNESS


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