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艾瑞克·陈 ERIC Chan丨用编程作画 Drawing Through Computer Programming

The Metal Ox – Mother 


Born in 1980 in Ottawa, Canada, ERIC Chan now works and lives in New York as a digital artist. ERIC Chan is better known as EEPMON.



The word “EEPMON” is a variant of “APEMAN.” ERIC Chan states monkeys were his spirit animals. Not only was he born under the monkey zodiac in 1980, but it also represented his personality: playful, intelligent, fond of exploration and adventure, always breaking the rules, and entering a new life.


Transformers: Unicron


ERIC Chan has been drawing since he was four years old and has a strong sense of color. But what really made him famous in the art world was his ability to creatively blend fine art and computer programming into new art forms. In part, this is because he graduated from Algonquin College in Canada with a degree in interactive multimedia design.



False Altars & Make Believe


Gifted in drawing as a child, he studied computer programming as an adult at Algonquin College, which allowed him to revolutionize the combination of fine arts and digital design. At Ottawa’s art Gallery, for example, he used Google’s real-time algorithms for the weather to create ever-changing artworks.



The computer side of things re-wired me, he said. “Now, when I sketch things out I’m also thinking programmatically, and when I am programming I am also thinking visually.” For ERIC Chan, the computer is his canvas, and programming is the act of painting. He is an artist of his time– a true digital artist.

 他说,“电脑方面的事情让我振奋。现在,当我画出草图时,我也在以编程的方式思考。当我编程时,我也在以视觉的方式思考。” 对于艾瑞克·陈来说,计算机是他的画布,编程即是绘画。他是属于这个时代的艺术创作者——一名真正的数字艺时代术家。

Iron Man and Captain America


Commissioned piece for MARVEL’s SPIDER-MAN as licensing assets created for Spider-Man: Far From Home movie. Client: Marvel Entertainment, NYC 

漫威蜘蛛侠的委托作品,作为《蜘蛛侠:离家很远》电影的授权资产。  客户:纽约漫威娱乐公司


ERIC Chan’s unique artistic style has also led him to collaborate with major companies and brands. His work has attracted major companies including Marvel, Canada Goose, and Microsoft Xbox. ERIC Chan’s Iron Man and Megatron drawings brought the artist to Marvel’s attention, and they liked his work and created a collaborative project with him.

艾瑞克·陈独特的艺术风格,也令他开始与一些大公司和品牌合作。他的作品吸引了包括漫威Canada Goose、Microsoft Xbox等在内的大公司。ERIC Chan钢铁侠和威震天绘画作品使得漫威公司开始注意到这位艺术家,他们喜欢他的作品并与ERIC Chan创立了合作项目。


In recent years, ERIC Chan has become more involved with the fashion world. He says this approach maximizes his creativity. Canada Goose has collaborated with ERIC Chan to produce a range of exclusive parkas. But ERIC Chan, who always likes to explore new things, says he has his eye on Hollywood and the entertainment industry and may be thinking about creating a new personal brand in the near future.

最近这些年,ERIC Chan开始更多的与时尚界结合。他说这种方式可以最大限度地发挥他的创意。Canada Goose与ERIC Chan合作生产了一系列独家派克大衣。但永远喜欢探索新事物的ERIC Chan,谈到他有关注好莱坞和娱乐业,也许考虑在不久的未来会创建一个全新的个人品牌。

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