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宋婷 Song Ting|她修补了时间、艺术、文化 She Tinkers with Time, Art & Culture

“Good art should be sharp, not soft, but must be thoughtful.”


Song Ting, a Tsinghua University graduate, is an AI and blockchain artist. She is the auction record holder for Chinese AI artworks and blockchain artworks in 2020 and specializes in integrating blockchain technology in conjunction with adversarial generative neural networks (a machine learning model that improves predictions) for extensive training exercises. She explores contemporary scientific and technology philosophical inquiry, sci-fi future history, and traditional Chinese national art. She was named one of the most promising crypto artists in 2020 by the Finance and Technology Blockchain Awards. The first auction of her artworks was held by the Chinese Traditional Art Auction Company NFT. Ting was presented in the Forbes 30-under-30 art category and the Gen.T x Chanel Asian New Generation Artist List in 2021.

宋婷,清华大学毕业生,人工智能和区块链艺术家。2020年中国人工智能艺术品和区块链艺术品拍卖纪录保持者。擅长将区块链技术与对抗性生成神经网络相结合进行广泛的训练练习。当代科技哲学探究、科幻未来史、中国传统民族艺术等都是创作题材。根据 FAT,2020 年最有前途的加密艺术家。中国传统艺术品拍卖公司NFT举办的第一场艺术品拍卖会。2021年将入选福布斯30under30艺人榜和Gen.T x Chanel亚洲新生代艺人榜。

Her works explore the intersection of technology and culture, as well as the tangible and spiritual. Her paintings communicate religious conviction that is distinct from typical religious sentiments, while also expressing the theory of incarnation.


“In the modern context, the fusion of various forms of artistic creation is inevitable.”




Among Song Ting’s many works, this is also the one to which the audience gave the best reception.


This work is inspired by the science fiction and technological art creations Song Ting has read. The rapid development of information technology has brought about a result, that is, we have made information technology a god.


Although it appears to be a mural from Dunhuang, one will start to think of Abraham in the Western Bible accounts after staring at it for a while. He even sacrificed his firstborn son because he trusted in God. Then there is Jesus Christ’s resurrection, and both of them were sacrificed. But, the actual God is concealed in the tears of the suffering people in modern society’s tumultuous times, yet we have now elevated information technology to the throne. If information technology truly assumes the role of God, it must have more humanistic principles than humans can ever comprehend.


Song Ting completed this piece by hand-painting the buddha in cave 45 of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang as the skin using the pattern created by the antagonistic neural network as the basis of flesh and blood.


AI Orange Stampede


Dunhuang is an enigmatic and mysterious location. the characteristic features of the desert, like the bright yellow sand, odd xerophytes, robust poplar trees, etc. The dramatic contrast that the colors of the Dunhuang paintings provide increases their allure to visitors. Similar to how the preceding piece of art functions, the men and women on the wall appear to be dancing. Despite being a copy of a fresco from Dunhuang, there are some amusing ones.


The damaged areas of the 1,000-year-old Dunhuang pictures are mottled and star-spotted. They were included in the picture as elements, and Song Ting added to and recreated them using the antagonistic generative neural network method.


The damaged paintings’ exposed stone walls are given new meanings. The orange paint will fully use natural brushstrokes and algorithmic outlines while incorporating the damage into the work itself.


It seems that the protagonist in the painting is dancing, enjoying the happiness and relaxation brought by the music while stepping on oranges frantically to relieve his stress.


“History of this moment lives in history, time is not purely linear. We possess all present or future results.”


She has been captivated with classical literature since childhood, thanks to her family’s influence. In the process of making encrypted art, she has a more multi-dimensional vision and thoughts, which gives her creations more depth and profound cultural significance.


Translation 翻译 Alice Yip


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