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克丽斯塔·金Krista Kim丨首座NFT虚拟房屋被售出 The 1st NFT Virtual-house Has Sold

Virtual art is a new art market with the growth of the Internet. In the past, it was hard for us to imagine that collectors would buy a work that did not exist in reality. All this, however, has changed with the rise of NFT.


Krista Kim,Mars House,2020
NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, is based on blockchain technology and can act as a digital certificate of ownership that enables digital artwork or designs to be bought, sold, and collected. With the rapid development of NFT, undervalued digital creators can make their works rarer. Artworks can be digitally encrypted and become Crypto Art. Buying Crypto Art through Art investment also becomes a more modern investment method.

NFT的全称是Non-Fungible Token,基于区块链技术,NFT可以充当数字所有权证书,使数字艺术品或设计能够被购买、出售和收集。随着 NFT的迅速发展,被低估的数位创作者们可以让自己作品变得更为稀有,艺术作品可以被数字加密而成为加密艺术品(Crypto Art),通过艺术投资来购买Crypto Art 也变相成为一种更现代化的投资方法。
More importantly, it opens up new possibilities for artists working on social media. Not every artist’s work has the opportunity to be exhibited in galleries, and online creation has become almost a one-way favor for social media, but there is no financial reward for artists. However, the emergence of Crypto Art gives these artists the opportunity to form a sustainable closed-loop in terms of artistic creation and economic income.

更为关键的是,它为在社交媒体上进行创作的艺术家提供了新的可能。要知道,并不是每个艺术家的的作品都有机会在画廊中展出,线上创作几乎成为了一种为社交媒体免费赋能但没有经济回报的事情。然而,Crypto Art的出现可以让这些艺术家在艺术创作和经济收入上有机会形成可持续的闭环。
Krista Kim,Mars House,2020
Just recently, Krista Kim sold the world’s first NFT virtual room, Mars House (2020), for $512,000, which is a hefty price tag.
就在最近,克丽斯塔·金以51.2万美元的价格出售了世界上的第一座NFT虚拟房间Mars House (2020),这是一个不菲的价格。
Krista Kim is a contemporary artist who has lived in Seoul, Tokyo, and Singapore. She earned her Masters of Arts Fine Arts from La Salle College of the Arts / Goldsmiths College UK in 2014. She completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of Toronto.

Krista Kim wrote the Techism manifesto in 2015, and she is best known for her use of manipulating digital images of LED lights to create abstract expressionist works that evoke the sublime.

No. 671 v.3, 2016,Digital Pictographic on Pleximuseum,48 x 70 inches

No. 671, 2016,Digital Pictographic on Pleximuseum,48 x 70 inches
When asked what prompt Krista Kim established the Techism movement, she said: “Once everyone had a smartphone in their hand, the game changed. Everyone became addicted to their devices on a whole new level. I began to wonder who controls and collects all of this? It felt like a real opportunity for certain companies and power structures to easily prey on people like never before in human history.”

Based on these digital light and shadow art creations, Kim designed the house in 2020. Krista Kim worked with an architect to render the house using Unreal Engine, software that is commonly used to create video games. She describes the house, which overlooks a moody mountain range and features an open-plan design and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, as a “light sculpture”.

在这些数字光影艺术创作的基础上,克丽斯塔在2020年设计了这所房子。这是一个体现她冥想设计哲学的空间。她与一位建筑师合作,使用Unreal Engine(一种常用来制作视频游戏的软件)来渲染整座房子。这座房子俯瞰着一座光影波动的山脉并采用开放式设计,从地面到天花板都是玻璃墙,克丽斯塔把它描述为“光的雕塑”。
Soon, we will all live in AR through our real environments using SuperWorld, a new app that has mapped the entire world for AR interface. Virtual real estate based on the real world can be purchased on SuperWorld, and in the very near future, this app will allow us to mint 3D NFTs and create a marketplace of digital AR assets,” 

“很快,我们所有人都将通过使用SuperWorld(一款为VR绘制整个世界地图的应用程序)的来体验真实的VR世界。基于真实世界的虚拟房地产可以在SuperWorld上购买,在不久的将来,这个应用程序将允许我们制造3D NFT作品和创建数字AR资产的市场.”

– Krista Kim 克丽斯塔·金

This would be revolutionary in many ways. The creation of digital homes and houses is in line with the growing trend of augmented reality. The buyer of Mars House will be sent a digital 3D file of it. The NFT exists as an authentication certificate that is stored on a blockchain, equivalent to a title deed for a real house, which verifies that the buyer owns it. Even in the near future, with the development of technology, the content of virtual space can actually be realized on the surface of Mars.



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