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How to buy and receive the NFTs?

What is an NFT?

A NFT or non-fungible token is a digital asset. NFTs are unique i.e. one is not equal to another. For example, a €20 note is a fungible asset/token as one €20 note can be exchanged for another but a pair of trainers worn in an Olympic final would be non-fungible as they could not be replaced by a pair of similar store-bought trainers.

What are the essential things to know about NFTs?

Each NFT has a digital signature, which is crucial to prove authenticity. Also, each NFT will be specific to a particular artwork or digital image; the NFT points via a URL to this artwork/digital image.

NFTs ‘exist’ on blockchains, which is how the uniqueness and ownership can be verified. Each NFT is numbered. Finally, NFTs are underpinned by smart contracts, and these contracts use varying ‘standards’; More information on this is available on the Technical Panel.

Why should I own an NFT?

There are numerous reasons to own NFTs. Other than it being a new, exciting and fun way to own assets, NFT ownership allows for your assets to exist in perpetuity (on the blockchain); NFTs are also extremely collectible and tradable; it is much easier to re-sell a NFT than it would be to re-sell a PAINTING for example. Also, ownership of NFTs is indisputable and as ownership passes from one person to the next it creates an interesting story/provenance, not easily possible with other assets. In a nutshell, NFTs can turn run-of-the-mill commodities into assets with rich variation, histories and provenance.

Do I own the art work from the foundations/museums physically?

No, which is important to understand. You don’t have any rights in the physical object to which the NFT relates. For more information, please see the T&Cs here:

What does edition means?

An edition represents a limited set of NFTs which all share the same attributes but are unique by token IDs. For example, if an edition of ten is created each token issued from this edition will share all the same attributes, apart from token ID, as defined when the edition was originally minted. Tokens will be sequentially assigned a unique token ID based on the order they are issued. Appreciator strictly controls the number of tokens which can be issued.

What is an appreciator wallet?

NFTs are stored in digital wallets. You will receive an Appreciator wallet as part of your registration. You can access the wallet via a website or an app and export NFTs using your private key, which is also provided. Each wallet has an address, and this address ‘exists’ on the blockchain.

How can I set up my wallet or account?

You need your e-mail address and the address of your existing digital wallet, and you will also be asked for some personal information. If you don’t have an existing wallet, Appreciator will provide one for you when you register an appreciator account. It is easy to download and use.

How do I buy and sell Appreciator NFT?

You can buy our NFT using your credit card or the appreciator coins. And you can purchase in our regular drop and shock drop event after you can resell your NFT in our marketplace easily or send it as a gift (a future feature to be launched in 2023). A re-minting fee and terms will be applied if you want to sell it on other NFT platforms. Once you sell your NFTs on our marketplace, you will receive the transactions within a maximum of 48 hours. However, there are times when delays occur.

What is YAS Warranty?

Your NFTs are protected by YAS Warranty, that means your NFTs from are protected from cyber theft. In case your NFT gets lost, YAS Warranty will help you by recovering your NFT assets while locking your hacked one.

What should I do if I lose my NFT?

You can go to ‘My Order’ after logging in, click on ‘File for Warranty Service’ and submit your request on the page.

Can I refund my NFT?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the nature of the product, all NFT sales are final.

If I have any issue with the site or wallet app, who should I contact?

You can email, we will feedback to you within 48 hours. If not, please go to our discord channel, and our community manager will respond to your request.

What is NOIZchain?

The Appreciator Wallet and NFT artworks are built on the NOIZchain, a green blockchain and smart transaction platform that is more flexible, secure, sustainable, and enterprise-friendly.

NOIZchain offers green and secure Blockchain-as-a-service solutions that enable enterprise-friendly NFT technology and commercial solutions for businesses to issue NFTs, tokenize projects, and build decentralized marketplaces. For more details, visit here:

What is a green blockchain? Why does go for a green blockchain like NOIZchain?

Minting an NFT is said to be equivalent to one month's worth of electricity used by an urban dweller. As a green NFT solution provider, NOIZ adopts a green "Proof-of-Capacity" blockchain protocol which lowers the energy demands and carbon emissions to support ESG and sustainability.

What are gas fees? Do I need to pay the gas fee?

Gas fees are payments that NFT buyers make to complete a transaction on a blockchain. Appreciator Wallet, powered by NOIZ, accepts fiat through the credit card system and charges 1 APPR for every transaction.

What Does Minting an NFT Mean?

Minting an NFT is the process of creating a unique digital asset and publishing it on a blockchain as a non-fungible token so that it is purchasable, collectible, and tradable.

How does ensure security?

The Appreciator Wallet uses blockchain technology to ensure your NFT assets are secured. As you set up your account, you will be required to back up your account with a unique 12-word passphrase that only you can possess in order to control access, secure, and recover your wallet in case you cannot access your wallet.

How can I be assisted with technical issues?

We are here to help! Go here to get in touch with our Hong Kong and Shanghai teams if you have any enquiries.


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