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The Global Philanthropic Artist Challenge is an exclusive event curated by together with Cyberport, IECIA, and other esteemed partners, we are launching our inaugural year with a series of captivating exhibitions, and workshops, showcasing the talent of emerging artists from around the world. Our initiative fosters cultural exchange and nurtures a community that embraces the fusion of art and technology.



In August, the program will feature 10 selected artists from all over the world, who will embark on a 7-day residency at our Hong Kong Art Residency in the Le Méridien Hong Kong, Cyberport. Working at the Artech studio in Cyberport, they will co-curate a Pop-Up Exhibition featuring ten Phygital collectibles. This landmark event will be the first-ever Artech exhibition in Hong Kong focused on art for healing. We are excited to welcome global artists to join forces and create awe-inspiring works that energize and uplift Hong Kong.

The program will also include Artech speaker seminars, artists’ workshops, meditation sessions, and more, all designed to promote well-being and inspire individuals on their personal journeys.

Through this program, we aim to provide a platform for artists to share their stories, forge connections, and inspire positive change. The public will have the opportunity to explore the realms of art and technology, indulging in a captivating and immersive experience during the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF) week, Cyberport’s annual flagship extravaganza.


Participating Artists

Amey Sali

UV Artist (Team 1)

Amey Sali is a Chengdu-based new-age artist who has gained recognition in the contemporary art scene since 2007. His unique graphic artworks are well-known, but it’s his iconic blacklight performances that have earned him immense appreciation among the art community. He’s been invited to perform for famous brands such as XPeng Motors, as well as for special events.


3D Artist (Team 1)

Kimbol is a 3D artist, designer, and teacher from Mauritius who graduated from Tongji University with a master’s degree in Architecture from Tongji University.. He founded Koncoct Studio in Shanghai and focuses on 3D, animation, photography, and film-making. Kimbol won awards in the Web 3.0 field, such as the Digital Art Competition’s silver award by Liveart/Binance. He created the DodoVerse, a 3D blockchain project aimed at reviving the extinct Mauritian Dodo bird.

Alina Levyz

Painter (Team 2)

Alina Levyz is a highly skilled professional artist and educator with over a decade of experience working across various mediums. She’s best known for her impressive fine art paintings and illustrations, which have received recognition and acclaim. Alina is also highly versatile, with a diverse range of skills that includes tattooing, design, writing, and performing. Her ability to excel across multiple disciplines is one of her strongest qualities, making her a truly exceptional artist.

Siyu Liu
Digital Artist

Liu Siyu, a trilingual, mother of a teenager, has a strong background in audiovisual communication and design project management. She now works and lives as a designer, artist, and educator in Changsha and Chengdu, collaborates with several Chinese e-commercial brands on product design, and holds over 20 design patents. She has 9 years of mentorship experience in a local design college, organizing and supporting young students’ design for the needs of the community with innovative public workshops. With the experience of being plagued by bipolar disorder for many years, Siyu’s focus issues in the creative field practice has always been around public health, environmental protection, and palliative care, recent research has focused on digital public art project that grows spontaneously and continues to engage the public participation.

Francisco Hauss

Installation Artists

Born in 1982, Francisco Hauss holds a Bachelor’s degree in sciences and techniques of communication from the Universidad del Nuevo Mundo in Mexico. He is currently based in Shanghai and works across a range of artistic disciplines, including installation, sculpture, performance, and painting. Since 2008, he has held individual exhibitions in Shanghai and Mexico and remains actively involved in the art scene. Hauss’s work was recently selected for the “Over No Wall” exhibition in New York, further cementing his growing reputation in the art world.
Wendy Wang

Data Visualization Artist

Wendy Shijia Wang is a data artist based in Shanghai, China. With a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills, Wendy is passionate about transforming complex information into engaging visual narratives. Her goal is to bridge the gap between data and humans, making information more accessible, engaging, and impactful. Among various types of data visualization, Wendy is particularly interested in Maps. Over the past four years, Wendy has actively published digital data arts and taught data visualization skills to a wide range of audiences. She believes that everyone has the potential to be a data artist and is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with others. During her free time, Wendy enjoys gardening and hiking. She finds inspiration for her work in the world of plants and nature.

Jared Mimm

Performance Artist

Jared Mimm is an American conceptual performance artist based in Shanghai, China. His work examines social systems from everyday life, within the context of living in the urban jungle of a megacity. He often develops projects with a partner, or invites the audience to interact with him during his performance, as an integral part of his art practice. Reoccurring themes in his art deal with the body, nonverbal communication, ritual, sound, and intimacy. He is a founding member of L.EV.E.L.S. performance group.

Joseph Watson

Digital Artist

Joseph Watson is a CAD designer, 3D modeler, and artist with a wide range of experience in manufacturing, product concepts, rendering, design, simulation, and art creation. With high-level technical skills such as design, animation, motion capture, and more, he is a modern-day renaissance man capable of conceptualizing and realizing his creative vision.

Neil Wang

Mural Artist

Neil Wang is a Hong Kong-based artist who started his art journey in 2018. He draws inspiration from traditional culture, architecture, and still-life art, resulting in a unique style that incorporates various elements. His works are highly sought after, and he has collaborated with several firms to create stunning murals and brand visuals. Neil’s art pieces bring a distinctive atmosphere and depth, making them visually captivating. He applies his artistic vision to every project, whether it’s a large-scale mural or a small-scale piece of art.

Henry Hu

Digital Artist

Henry is a visual artist and designer with a background in technology, based in Singapore after living in Shanghai for 26 years. As both an artist and technologist, his work is motivated by the transformative power of beauty and art, using illustrations, motion graphics, and 3D generative art to render new ways of seeing the world’s problems.



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Artist Residence

Le Meridien Hong Kong, Cyberport, is a chic, modern lifestyle hotel providing an authentic and elevated discovery experience. Completely transformed in 2022, this Cyberport, Hong Kong hotel has a mid-century modern aesthetic, emphasizing natural materials contrasted by darker, tactile design features, creating a fresh and welcoming ambiance. It is the perfect option for rejuvenating stays, memorable meals, motivating meetings, and engaging events, catered to individual needs, complemented by technology, sustainability, and innovation. With 170 spacious rooms and suites, four distinctive dining options, including Al Fresco, a pet-friendly environment, a stunning outdoor swimming pool, two gyms, and surrounded by verdant nature, Le Meridien Hong Kong, Cyberport stands out in Hong Kong. The hotel is close to a range of cultural, historic, and entertainment destinations, with a complimentary shuttle service ensuring seamless exploration and discovery.



Exhibition Venue & Studio

Cyberport is an innovative digital community with over 1,900 start-ups and technology companies. It is managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government. With a vision to be the hub for digital technology thereby creating a new economic driver for Hong Kong, Cyberport is committed to nurturing a vibrant tech ecosystem by cultivating talent; promoting entrepreneurship among youth; supporting start-ups on their growth journey; fostering industry development by promoting collaboration with local and international partners; and integrating new and traditional economies by accelerating digital adoption in the public and private sectors.

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