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Over a 170 years ago, Vincent van Gogh took his first breathe into this world. Absorbing the essence of his time, he established himself as a master artist only after his passing. With art that transcends his time, there are traces of rhythm and tempo in his brushstrokes that has a profound impact on our creative minds to this day.

Known for his dramatic life of inner conflict and troubled family relations, the tunes of his emotions are reinterpreted into a contemporary orchestra for the modern audience to witness in this meaningful collection – the Vincent van Gogh 39 Phygital Art Collectibles. A timeless collection that showcases the beauty of Vincent van Gogh’s experiences, heritage, and art is showcase in a new light through innovation and the collaboration of the locals that he had influenced.

Journey into the genius of the master artist and experience his creative symphony that will give you profound inspiration and insights into the places and stories that defined Vincent van Gogh.

Exhibition Venue

Address: One Central Macau, Avenida de Sagres, Nape, Macau

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Collecting a Van Gogh 39 transcends the art experience by taking collectors into a real life journey into the homeland of Vincent van Gogh. Witness the exclusive offering by watching the video below and don’t miss the opportunity visit the exhibition to experience it in its genuine form for a limited time in One Central Macau.

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